Probably not a popular choice but still, can I get some comments please?

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Posted by: from Montreal
1/29/2018 at 11:42:25 AM

I am in the process of refreshing my 100 sf 2 floor condo (row house) and I am doing a mix of rustic and hints post industrial (aka no budget and pinterest addicted lol).

I am thinking of laying 1/2 inch sanded on side plywood planks to stain and finish on my upstairs floor. Should I lay in over the old finger parquet or remove the checkerboard and lay the plywood obver subfloors (particle boards) ? TIA also I am a woman doing it alone, is it very difficult to nail down the plywood and should I screw in down?

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Date/Time1/29/2018 at 12:09:53 PM

I'd be tempted to (depending on the condition) to go right over the old flooring, especially if you are worried you might not have the strength to remove the old flooring.... but regardless of that I would be screwing and gluing (with PL) the new plywood planks down. Also, remember you will need to pretreat the plywood before staining them.. otherwise your stain won't look right. Have a conversation with the paint rep at Home Depot about that. Hope that helps....

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Date/Time1/29/2018 at 12:13:07 PM

Hi Daniel,

You still like floor colour

The best way to refreshing is

1. clean up your floor

2- apply polish for floor (it enough)

you don't like floor colour

1- rent and floor sander from homedpot and buy sand paper from homedepot

2- sand your floor

3- clean up

4- appply new stain by tower

5- apply polish after 24 hrs

more detail please find more on youtube

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Date/Time1/29/2018 at 12:44:39 PM


difficult to tell you a good solution without seeing the site but here is a suggestion. I like starting from scratch so removal of the parquet...yes. Glue and screw down the plywood, just make sure you're screwing it to the floor joists and not the particle board. Perhaps a bit overkill but it is better support and less chance of creaking. Just my opinion of course.

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Date/Time1/29/2018 at 1:27:53 PM

If you we a friend asking the same question we would advise the following:

Find a local supplier of 5mm thick loose lay vinyl plank. A wood look heavy plank with a rubber backing that just sits onto of your old floor, no glues.

100 sq/ft should take you less than an hour yourself.

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Date/Time1/29/2018 at 2:22:36 PM

Hey Danielle,

Couple things to consider here, does your current parquet floor creak? If it does, I would take the time to remove it and re-screw the sub-floor. As well, you need to check the clearances under any doors. If they don't allow for another 1/2" ply layer, I would again remove the parquet.

In regards to using 1/2" sanded ply, I wouldn't really recommend this product. Plywood can pickup warps and lift, if not properly secured with both glue(PL construction adhesive) and screws. Those screws should be long enough to go through all the layers and into the joists every 12". Also because you're screwing from the top down, all those screws will remain visible, even if you countersink and fill with a food filler. It will show through your stain.

I would look at either a floating laminate flooring or drop in place vinyl tiles/planks. Neither are very thick and can be installed easily, with minimal experience and tools. The vinyl is easier, because you can cut it with an box cutter knife. The laminate requires a saw. Because these are floating products, they float on top of existing flooring, no screw/nails. You should still address any creaking before installing the new flooring. They come in tons of colours and patterns, including simulated wood grain, and don't require staining or any special maintenance. They will also cost less than even 1-side sanded ply.

Hope this helps, all the best.

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Date/Time2/15/2018 at 11:00:16 PM

Always screw down flooring - make sure no asbestos in old floor

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