Question about using DMX for basement subfloor.

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Posted by: from Dundas
4/6/2020 at 10:33:13 AM

I am renovating my basement and was planning on laying DMX AG house wrap (black not blue one) down, followed by 5/8" OSB. I just read that this product can off-gas and produce smells however I have seen a lot of contractors use this. Any issues with using this product?

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Dave from 360renos in Ottawa
Date/Time4/6/2020 at 11:15:23 AM

Hi Scott

I've never used DMX AG so I cannot speak to it in particular.

My company uses DMX 1 for engineered hardwood and laminate underlayment when installing flooring in basement projects. I have been extremely happy with it over the years and never have had any issues.

No 'clicking' noise when walked on as it has a foam backing.

As well if your flooring is 12mm or thicker you do not need to install plywood or OSB on top. The DMX is more the supportive for the flooring. Helps lessen the loss of height to the basement ceiling.

Attached is a picture of an engineered floor we just finished a few weeks ago.



Question about using DMX for basement subfloor.
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Reza from Mipa Plumbing in Aurora
Date/Time4/6/2020 at 11:16:29 AM

Don't use it, in my experience use high density foam plus vinyl flooring for better heating floor and moisture resistance, any how the nature of basement floor is cold. The only way is using underground heat floor system which is very costly.

Make it easy in construction projects.

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Date/Time4/6/2020 at 11:41:56 AM


They do make a product specifically for sub-floor purposes. Not a waterproofing one. Anything that is new is going to give off an odour even simple foam/foil Underlayment have a stench.

Why not go to a barricade or dricore subfloor? You are essentially doing the same thing.

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Date/Time4/6/2020 at 11:56:23 AM


I have heard from some sources there is a smell down the road.

I always use barricade subfloor panels on all my jobs. It is warerproof, adds insulation value and if you do get a leak in the foundation, plumbing or whatever. The water travels under the panels to the drain. The flooring never gers wet.

Remember when you frame your walls to put a layer of foam under a wstet chemical treated bottom 2x4 plate. They are blue at the store.

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Date/Time4/6/2020 at 11:58:25 AM

Hi Scott

That is basically what I do when laying a subfloor in a basement. I find that OSB does emit an obnoxious odour when used inside. I typically use 3/4 plywood sheathing instead. 5/8 is fine for a laminate or carpet finished flooring.

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