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Posted by: from East York
2/20/2021 at 9:49:09 AM

Hi - I have had a leak come thru my bedroom ceiling. I have since had that portion of the roof repaired. I fear that there is considerable water still in my attic (it's a bungalow) and there's quite a bit of visible topographical damage on my ceiling. I am in the process of having my entire roof replaced and was wondering if most Roofing companies would address the inside damage or if I need to contact a different contractor? Also should I get the roof completed first or have the attic addressed first? Thank you for your help.

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Date/Time2/20/2021 at 7:26:12 PM

Jon Hi !

The best scenario for you now, to do next things:

1. Remove snow (if safety)

2. Install Tarp to cover damaged area

3. Wait a month when weather will be at least +5 degree

4. Install new shingles

roof goes first always then attic/ceiling, and rest interior work

Meanwhile you still can Install shingles in current weather.


1. Manufacturer warranty (will be void)

2. the threat of violating Safety protocols (both sides Owner/Company)

you can call me any time if you will have any questions




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Joshua from Roof Effex in Stony Plain
Date/Time2/21/2021 at 1:41:59 AM

Hi there

I am a Owner Operator of Roofing company. We deal with all types of Roofing including flat commercial building and sloped or low sloped Residential buildings.

I think this best is determined by the amount of interior work you need to do. If your are pulling the ceiling down and redoing the drywall

Then it should be including in that work scope After the New Roof has been installed

If you are leaving The Ceiling intact then it would be easier and more Efficient for the Roofers to do from the roof side by removing a couple sheets of plywood during the demolition process.

That way you get the most cost effective results

That's my opinion and I hope it helps you

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Date/Time2/21/2021 at 3:17:38 PM

You should put a roof patch over your roof to stop any water leaking immediately unless you are re doing the roof pretty soon. Go into your attic space and remove any wet insulation and get some air moving around using blowers or fans. Set up a dehumidifier or multiple depending on thr size of the water damage. If you notice mold then at the least treat it with a naturalizer like microban at the least.

Post pictures for a more detailed idea.

We do alot of remediation and deal with issues like yours alot.we live in the 7th rainiest city in the world so pictures of affected areas would help alot. Use a moisture meter to gauge the extend of water damage. Any local contractor who will do remediation work will have one.

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Date/Time2/22/2021 at 4:20:42 PM

To whom it may concern,

Most large roofing companies stick to just roof work itself. This varies from company to company based on the services they choose to provide.

I would recommend 2 options.

Option A; You could hire someone that does drywall maybe even a handy man to replace the damaged drywall, tape, plaster and paint it. And another contractor that specializes in attic insulation. A large known company that comes to mind would be O'Reilly Brothers out of Nepean on Capital Drive.

Option B; You could hire a restoration contractor well versed in water damage although these contractors tend to be a bit my expensive from my experience as they do a lot of insurance work.

In regards to the order of operation, I highly recommend addressing the roof first to avoid repeating service in your attic and with your drywall.

Step 1 - First stop the leak from the roof.

Step 2 - remove saturated insulation from above the drywall. This will need to be replace to ensure the R value (thickness) of your attics insulation.

Step 3 - If the drywall is saturated it is best to replace, however if there are only a few water marks it's possible to dry this area with a fan over the course of a day or 2 then prime and paint over the water marks.

Thank you for your consideration.


Owner / Operator / Estimator / Installer


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