Re-Roofing project

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Posted by: from Borden
7/20/2012 at 12:29:17 AM

Our project consists of reroofing our small town hotel. We were looking at purchasing some pump jack scaffolds but did not know which were good and which to stay away from. Any suggestions?

What we have to do is rip off the roof and fix a few boards that are rotted from neglect over the years. The roof consists of paper and tar and no gravel just paper about 3 - 5 layers thick. Any suggestions what type of tool to use to remove the tar paper?

We are also replacing the crown on the building that used to be on it when it was first built in 1905. Any info would be great. We cannot get any roofers to take on our job. As we are small contractors ourselves we thought if we got the right info we could do this ourselvles.

The roof is 40 x 60 with a 1/12 pitch. We were going to remove the roof on it and replace it with ice and water shield and then rolled roofing what do you think. Other rooferes want to just top it off right over existing roof and we don't want that so we are going to do it ourselves.

re-roofing project
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Date/Time7/20/2012 at 1:43:01 AM

At a 1/12 pitch your roof falls under the flat roof category. I would strongly suggest staying away from rolled roofing as it is a cheap alternative and rife with problems.

Take your old roof off however you can, red ripper roof stripping shovels would probably work best. If you want a bullet proof roofing system for your pitch of roof, then a torch-on 3-layer membrane roof is the way to go.

A qualified flat roofer is my only suggestion for this type of system, not recommended for do-it-yourselfer's. They have the experience, knowledge (and insurance!) to get the job done right.

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Date/Time7/20/2012 at 6:54:17 AM

Hi Helen!

Dave is right do not attempt to re roof that yourself unless one know what you are doing. Flat roofs are the most hardest roofs to make water tight. But in saying that. There is a new product out that is a membrane has a self adhesive backing to it and can be used and is just as durable as torch on roofing. Some roofers are using it now and you don't have to worry about burning the structure down. One of my suppliers has told me about it but I have yet to try it. I will however be using it next year.

Good luck with your project.


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Drazen from Flat Roof Seal in Niagara Falls
Date/Time7/20/2012 at 10:55:54 AM

Removing old roofing material is always better solution. You remove unnesesary weight from the roof.

Wood structure roof should be reinforced with overlaying boards and two ply rubber torch-on. Insulation leyer is an option. For Canadian clima this sistem is most recomended by manufacturers and roofers.

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Date/Time7/20/2012 at 1:13:25 PM

To remove the existing roof you can use some ripping shovels, a skill saw with a. Cheap blade if you are having difficulties cutting the roof into sections and a lot of elbow grease.

As for the lift I would assume that you really don't need one because it is a flat roof. Unless yon meant a hoist the I would just suggest renting a shingle hoist to get your material up.

As for you roof I would reccomend supprema board the peel and stick base sheet then if you you are capable torch down cap. If you are not confortable with torching then apply a peel and stick cap sheet. Their are primers involved with the peel and stick membranes. Just make sure to read the manufacturer instruction.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.



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Date/Time7/24/2012 at 9:35:59 PM

This roof can be easily cut with a roof cutter into 2x2 pieces to be thrown away deck will most likely have a slope to it by the way the picture is.

Apply a fast and weld 180 base no heat on first ply with peel and stick flashings 2 ply your choice another 180 sbs base or a 250 tp cap many options for this roof Tpo is always a great way to go with hardly any penetrations fully adhered epdm also is a great way to contain heat in building and proven reliability we are always willing to travel have kettle.

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John from Accu-Struct in Belleville
Date/Time8/17/2012 at 11:04:14 PM

First of all leave roofing to roofers especially when dealing with flat roofs. But if it is a must thatbyoundonit yourself this is what I would recommend EPDM its pretty simple you can do it yourself easily.

Contact your local roof mart or retailer that carries this product give them the dimensions and they will give sell you everyrhing you need. Basic breakdown of how to install it is this...Remove all the existing roof materials replace any bad boards on the deck of the roof. Once all boards are replaced you then install the ISO board or similar product screwing it down to the surface then install the flashing all around the exterior, roll out your EPDM leave it sit for about 1 hour to settle to the shape of the roof, next you roll back half way roll out bonding adhesive to both the deck of the roof and the EPDM wait about 15 min a roll the EPDM back out allowing 2 glued surfaces to bond together.

If you will have joints overlap your joints by min of 16" use seam tape in both sides of the 16" lap.

Look online to find instruction and other info it's pretty simple and is one of the beat products for smaller flat roofs, hope this info helps.

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