Read This Before Your Hire The 'Nice Guy' Contractor

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Posted by: from Edmonton
6/19/2008 at 8:27:34 PM

A simple Basement reno, turns into a year of HECK. AJ McISAAC, of HEARTHFIREHOMES, is a liar and a cheat.

if you want your home lien'd call him.

a terrible job took almost a year, and still not complete. He has moved back to Saskatchewan, so watch out, nieghbours!

once he has your money, and has exhausted all local handymen, he is gone, and the Nice handy man is left to beg for his hard earned money.

just today received statement of lien's on our home. My Wife is totally distraught.



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Date/Time6/19/2008 at 11:57:49 PM

Another fly-by-nighter exposed! Go get 'em Steve. Those clowns give us reputable guys a bad name. Good luck.

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Date/Time6/20/2008 at 7:19:09 PM

You got it Steve- sic your lawyer on him. Unfortunatly guys like him come crawling out of the woodwork & give the guys that care a bad name. I've been doing renos 29 years now & have seen some pretty wicked stuff, courtesy of knobs like him. A sharp lawyer will make this guy run with his tail between his legs- only problem is he'll show up somewhere else, looking for a new vic. As far as the lien goes- take your wife to dinner & use the lien papers for napkins- this clown won't persue it. Good luck.

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Steve in Edmonton
Date/Time6/24/2008 at 9:56:11 PM

There is always 2 sides to every story. let me clear the water.

the sub trades that were promised payment, (werner, the cabinet contractor) did not recieve it from our General, and has since LIEND my home.

AJ recived over $20,000.00, in prepament cash, and in our estimate completed $ 17000.00, in actual labour and materials. since we fired him, we have spent, the following, to get the job we had origanlly agreed to. (A total of $24,000.00)

$ 1800.00, to another contractor's for trim and drywall repairs, and framing repairs to the storeroom door frame.

$ 1200.00, in plumbing the bath room, and $400,00. for the fan.

lets not forget the shower damage, that he could not bother to call MAAX, for repair, that would have been warrantable, our cost, $ 300.00.

Final electrical (install lights and plugs), $800.00

Re keying all my doors, as the original ones were given to every tom dick and harry., $750.00

new alarm system, and monthly monitoring

Full site clean up, $550.00

all this and more, was to be included in THE CONTRACT

regaudless of how many troubles our General contractor had, he was paid well, and paid to manage the job, but choose to walk away from his client. the contract was an off the shelf from Staples i am sure, and shows no gst number, no mention of how hard it might be getting sub trades, or for that matter how to treat fellow humans. my fault for missing that one.

in the end, we choose to end the misery, and hoped our General would man up, and pay the trades people HE hired, and we would move on, knowing what we had left to deal with.

it is our feeling that this needs to end, and we hope the General does the right thing.

pay Werner, and have the plumber who did the mess of a job call me to sort out how to fix it, so i don't have to rip out $5000.00, worth of tiled walls and shower, to make it right.

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Date/Time6/25/2008 at 12:44:59 AM

It kind of seems that both parties involved here want a fair and just ending. If you both are being 100% truthful you may be able to fix this by using an impartial mediator.

I understand how things can happen leaving a business owner out of control and unfortunately a client almost always suffers. Maybe with someone in the middle you can both come out of this.

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