Removal of wall, uncertain of load bearing or not

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Posted by: from Halifax
6/19/2011 at 3:49:05 PM

We are looking at a house to purchase, only there are two walls that I do not like as they are on the way of making the upstairs an openconcept, one from the dining room and one from the living room that I would like to have removed. I am uncertain if they are load bearing or not.

Is there a rough estimate I could get on how much this would cost.



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Date/Time6/19/2011 at 7:52:14 PM

Unfortunately when considering the removal of a wall there are many variables that have to be considered such as utilities in the wall that may have to be relocated, the length of wall being removed, repair to floor, baseboard, whether there is crown moulding and more importantly if the wall is structural, it is important to ensure that the new bearing points are either directly on structure or whether new structural support must be created such as footings etc. Accordingly it is difficult to provide a "typical cost" as each situation is unigue. Also, it the wall is structural, an engineer has to be retained to spec beam sizes as well create permit drawings.

If possible, it would be best to have someone locally with experience in this area look at the walls in question and they would be able to provide you with some costs.

Hope this helps.

Kingsway Construction Inc.

Glenn Rosborough

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Jennifer in Halifax
Date/Time6/19/2011 at 8:00:48 PM

That is kinda what i figured... without knowing the wall, hard to estimate costs.


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Date/Time6/19/2011 at 8:11:47 PM

Hi Jennifer!

Yes there is always plumbing eletrical etc to be considered as well as structural concerns. I work in the HRM if you want I can come by and have a peek for you. Just give me a call if you wish at your convience. My number is 877-4775 have a great day!

Brent Smith

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Date/Time8/1/2011 at 1:08:58 AM

Find a load bearing wall by looking the ridge of your roof. Load bearing run parallel to ridge.

Call a structural engineer, that's your best bet. Don't monkey around, make sure to get a LICENSED and insured contractor to do the work or you'll awaken 1 night and see the stars.

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Tim in Windsor
Date/Time9/1/2011 at 12:19:31 AM

Hi, Jennifer.

Sorry to come so late to the party.

There are quite a few factors to consider. You said these walls you want to remove are on the upstairs. With this statement, Can I presume that this is a one storey home? If this is on the top, i.e. main, floor of a one storey home, then whether any walls on this level are load bearing will depend on the construction of the roof. If the roof structure is stick framing, there are going to be SOME load bearing walls. If the roof structure is Trusses, then there is little likelihood that ANY of the walls are load bearing as a roof truss is designed to carry the load down to the exterior walls.

There is still the question of what, if any utilities may be contained within the walls you want to remove. There is always going to be at least one (maybe more) plumbing vent stack(s) in your walls. These pipes will also serve as your plumbing drainage lines below plumbing fixtures. There is a high likelihood of electrical in the walls and possibly heating supply and return duct as well as thermostat wires to deal with.

You really need to have a respectable, qualified contractor review your specific situation and you should understand that the contractor will likely need to pull a permit and may need to also engage the services of an Engineer and possibly a draftsman.

Hope this helps.


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