Removing a load bearing wall from kitchen to dining room

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Posted by: from Chilliwack
4/12/2016 at 7:56:09 PM

What steps do I need? Who do I hire? What engineering do I need? And what might be the cost? The wall is about 8 feet.

Only looking for ideas.

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Date/Time4/12/2016 at 11:22:20 PM

8 feet long is not that hard and pretty simple. First you have to hire a structural engineer to prepare a set of drawings required for permit. based on the drawings any qualified contractor would be able to provide price. Such job will cost about $5000 including the permits

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Uzma from UR Homes in Milton
Date/Time4/12/2016 at 11:28:49 PM

1. put temporary support 6"x2"x10'0" wood like beam supported by two columns on left and same on right side of wall.

2. cut the load bearing wall without any fear.

3. join the 6"x2"x8'0" with together with 3"x8 construction screws. lift up on top and support them with side columns same with 6"x2"x8'(match the existing height of ceiling). remove the temp. support.

4. you will see a beem b/w kitchen and dining and cover with trim . it will look beautiful.

5. material will cost you 100 to 200 CAD and 1 person can do this job easily. 8' span is not long.

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Date/Time4/13/2016 at 8:53:06 AM


Removing a load bearing wall is a relatively straight forward project but can be costly.

You would need to find a contractor that you trust and can work through the project with that understands the structure of a home. A carpenter by trade is a good start.

Your contractor would then bring a structural engineer on site to assess the weight loads bearing on that wall. This would determine the size of beam and point loads / locations of point loads; by removing a wall, you are removing the evenly distributed weight from your structural members above. "Point loads" are the points in which the weight travels along the beam, down your supporting posts and onto the foundation, beam or footing below.

After the engineer provides drawings, the contractor will submit these to city hall for a permit.

Once the contractor is in place, drawings finalized and permits pulled, you will be able to remove the load bearing wall. Price differentiates per project depending on size, height, what is entailed to install new beam, type of new beam, and re-routing of mechanicals within the wall.

Thank you,


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Date/Time4/13/2016 at 11:17:40 AM

To answer your question the first step would be to get a contractor to take a look at it. Estimates are usually free and that way the contractor can determine if it is a load bearing wall and if it will need 1 jack post or more. Some contractors work with engineers like ourselves & some don't therefore you would have to hire your own engineer at that point because regardless you will need a drawing from an engineer. The steps that need to be taken will vary and can only be determined once an engineer takes a look at it.

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