Seeking opinion on some recent HVAC work

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Posted by: from Edmonton
3/3/2017 at 5:03:17 PM

Contract was to include pulling an HVAC permit. Contractor has been paid 50% and now wants the remainder before pulling a permit or the work being inspected. This was never discussed or agreed and I would guess is likely NOT common practice - any thoughts?

The work is expected to pass inspection; however there is one detail which looks questionable: contractor has run two 6" fresh air lines to feed the two small furnaces. It appears excessive and that maybe 4 or 5" lines would have been more appropriate - as a result, expecting we will be losing out on energy efficiency even though there is a manual damper.

Also curious to understand prepaid contractor licensing. What kind of documentation would a contractor show a customer to demonstrate that he is a licensed prepaid contractor?

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Fardeen from AirPrime HVAC Inc in Toronto
Date/Time3/3/2017 at 9:05:27 PM

Hi Richard,

Sorry to see you have problem with your contractor. A good contractor would explain permits and licensing before or on agreement. If a job requires inspection, the permit should be taken before starting the work. Inspection would be done after job completion but before closing ceiling and walls. If permit is required, the agreement should include if contractor or home owner takes the responsibility.

Now, regardless who is going to call for inspection; if inspection is needed, the last payment to be done once job is completed and inspection is passed. If fully paid but fails inspection or defect is found, there is no guarantee that contractor would come and re do the work. You can probably claim legally but the headache and lawyer cost may not worth it.

You also asked about licensing. In Ontario, CRA registeration, TSSA contractor registration, WSIB clearance, liability insurance are required. Also trade license e.g. HVAC, gas fitter, electric, air conditioning, plumbing... will be required based on the project's needs.

I hope my response to your question was helpful.

All the best.

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Adrian from AdrianHVAC in Calgary
Date/Time3/3/2017 at 9:23:36 PM


If I understood correctly, for a prepaid contract you must look at service alberta where is an example of a prepaid contract and contact them.

If I make a mistake, apologies.



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Date/Time3/3/2017 at 9:23:49 PM

Call the city of Edmonton and just ask if he has a business license. I know you can do it here in Medicine Hat. Depends on the house and the situation with duct work. I have had to run 6" before. Usually you pull the permit before you do any work but maybe Edmonton being a bigger centre he does this to ensure he gets paid. I would definitely call the city, talk to the plumbing inspector and ask him what he thinks. The 6" won't affect if it passes or not here in Alberta. If he's done all the work and your happy. Pay him, he will pull the permit and if it doesn't pass the city will make him come back and fix it.

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