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Posted by: from Brantford
11/19/2022 at 1:23:02 AM

Hey there so I'm currently in the middle of a 50x50 shop build it is 10 ft tall and I noticed as we were putting on the trusses today there seems to be quite a bit of sway on the tops of the walls (I can make it move with my hands) now I'm just wondering if that's normal as it is a stick build and it is quite tall, I have lots of bracing just wondering your thoughts

Shop Swaying!?
Shop Swaying!?
Shop Swaying!?
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Date/Time11/20/2022 at 2:51:30 PM

From pics you should have 0 sway?, only thing I can think, is you do not have bottoms or tops of braces anchored solid? all 4 sides braced?, bottom anchored fully? ..anyway it does not matter as the roof trusses will lock it all down, you may have to have someone on ground leveling the wall section for each brace or counter braced as well on opposite side with blocks nailed into concrete to hold the brace, if it cant be solved.

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Ricardo from FGC in Pickering
Date/Time11/21/2022 at 5:07:56 PM

Hi is Ricardo from FGC

Swaying is common on walls when is lack of braces or improperly braced.

The Location of the braces is very important to keeping the walls straight and to avoiding swaying.

Make sure to install braces every 5 stud and secure your braces as close as possible to the double top plate with 4-3 1/4 nails, the length of braces should be minimum 14ft, sheating the wall and, or diagonally bracing it's very important and should be done before erecting your walls.

If you following the instructions above it should be no swaying at all.

Hope this helps.

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