Should I convert my Attic?

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Posted by: from Winnipeg
9/6/2011 at 2:39:58 PM


I recently bought a one story house (it's about 100 years old) in winnipeg. the house is about 960 sqft. I've already completely renovated the kitchen and painted the whole house. Since the basement is a crawl space (sort of, un-finishable) i'm wondering about the potential of the attic.

As far as i can tell the ceiling in the attic is plenty high enough (i'd say over 8 feet in the middle, and has a vent dormer on the front. Now i believe my floor joists/boards would have to be replaced as they're too thin to hold a floor/furniture comfortablely, and i would have to accomodate an entrance (current attic entrance is over the bathroom, but that may be moved in the future). which leaves me wondering, Is it going to be worth it to renovate?

I would love to use this space, but since i don't plan to be in the home for much more then 7-8 years i would want to make sure the value added is commesurate with the cost to build.

I've been unable to really find much info on how much an attic reno in the area (in Canada let alone manitoba) can cost.

Does anyone know if this would be worth it, or have a ball park number for how much it may cost? (Note: as a price point i only paid about 125k for the home).

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Date/Time10/11/2011 at 12:46:08 AM

Hey Lochlin,

We all know that Ontario is WAY colder than Winnipeg . . . not! lol

Anyway, while it is good that the peak of the roof is about 8 feet, you have to ask yourself what the slope is as well as what the square footage of usable space will be once done. For exmple, if your total "floor" space is 250 sq. ft. but due to the slope of the roof you only end up with 125 sq. ft. of usable space, then is this really enough. For some people it would be while for others it would not.

Then there is the cost of permits, designs and the actual work (and a lot of it if you have to make a new access, strengthen the joices, insulate, ventalate, wall and floor).

Perhaps a Realtor can let you know if there will be value added down the road.

I hope this helps.

Brett Barager, MSW, CHI

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