Should the linear drain be located against the far wall across from the shower door or would the drain by the doors work

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Posted by: from St. Catharines
5/31/2018 at 7:24:54 PM

Hello, I am re-gutting my very small bathroom (5 ft by 8 ft) and installing a curbless shower with a linear drain similar to the attached picture except I will have sliding shower doors. My contractor has advised that the drain will be placed by the shower glass doors (these will be sliding doors). I am concerned that water may run off out side into my bathroom. Should I be worried? and should the linear drain be located against the far wall across from the shower door or would the drain by the doors work?

Should the linear drain be located against the far wall across from the shower door or would the drain by the doors work
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Mark from M7Mechanical in Surrey
Date/Time6/1/2018 at 1:17:50 AM

Ideally I would say the center of the shower would be best. The shower is also usually sloped to the drain.If the doors are installed correctly then water shouldn't escape. Hope this helps

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Cornel from Steopan Remodeling in Coquitlam
Date/Time6/1/2018 at 2:10:31 AM

Hi,Basically a linear Shower Drain can be installed in 4 different ways,! Either wall mounted (one sided or three sided) or floor mounted free or betwen two walls ,you need to install the model that's suitable for the specific location. Regardless of where the Shower Drain is placed the floors need to be sloped towards the channel to make sure that all water is drained. When the slope towards's the drain is not Sufficient or non existent, water accumulates and causes gliding in the bathroom.

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Date/Time6/1/2018 at 8:00:18 AM

As the other two answers have noted, the shower floor must slope towards the drain. Where the drain is located doesn't much matter so long as the floor slopes to it and is not flat or raised.

However, it doesn't seem prudent to me to plave the drain at the door. That being said, you're putting this in a basement bathroom, therefore there may be a structural reason why your contractor is saying it will be by the door. Space consoderations as well as drainage (plumbing hookup) are two main concerns in a basement as the drainage is under the concrete and making changes to it requires removal of the concrete, redigging trenches and then refilling and redoing the concrete, which as you can imagine is very time consuming and expensive.

It's best to either ask your contractor why the drainnis being placed where it is (I'm sure you have), and then provide us with their answer so we have some context.

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Date/Time6/1/2018 at 8:01:25 AM

*place the drain at the door

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Date/Time6/1/2018 at 8:37:58 AM

Usually,it would not!but when the contractor doing the job,just double check !warter is really something important!

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Date/Time6/1/2018 at 9:07:47 AM


It's all depends to the floor slope but nothing set on stone where it should be located. But mostly it's located near the wall across the shower door. I hope this helps


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Mark from M7Mechanical in Surrey
Date/Time6/1/2018 at 6:26:25 PM

I would not recommended installing the drain in that vicinity with the style of door. Generally a shower will have a slight slope towards the drain and if a blockage occured with water running towards drain there could be some issues. Hope that this helps

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Date/Time6/2/2018 at 9:08:22 AM

Is not the best idea to have the drain at the door but it might be a reason that forced him to do it that way. Anyway it's too late to do anything at this time but at least if you have a reasonable answer that will make things easier for you as well as if the slope is good enough that will be fine.

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