sound proofing and 15 minute fire rating for basement ceiling

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Posted by: from Bradford
2/11/2011 at 5:34:51 AM

Hello Pros: we have just purchased a raised bunglow with above grade accessory apartment. Since the ceilings are already drywalled and painted we are not sure if type x drywall has been used or if there is a right insulation between to help sound proof. Is it possible to inject some kind of spray insulation and retaining the current drywall? what is a better approach accoring to you all 1) Rip off all the existing drywall, use sound proofing insulation and new drywall using Quiet Rock or 2) just attach tape and finish new Quiet rock drywall over existing drywall. What will be rough pricing difference for 900sqft space? Thanks

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Metro Ontario Contractors inc in Maple
Date/Time2/11/2011 at 10:48:23 AM

HI SACH IF YOU USE 1/2'quiet rock over existing drywall,it would give you 1 1/2 hour fire rating.but it will only muffle noise.cost would be $5,200 material and labour.

to completly soundproof you wood need to remove existing drywall.add safe and soundand install type x cost would be $6,800 complete.i hope this helps

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Ron from Jaykob Isaak Inc in London
Date/Time2/11/2011 at 3:52:04 PM

quiet rock works as a system including joists, hangers,sound baffles, quiet rock sheets, putty and acoustical sealers and they use the entire system when they do the noise rating as the same as 8 sheets of drywall. I had many meetings with the rep for Ontario about how they misrepresent their product as a stand alone noise solution.

Whom ever talked you into that should be reprimanded, what you are thinking about will be a sad waste of your money for the real noise reductions you will the product is very expensive and is not designed to fill the gap's in your situation.

If during construction all of the system parts are used then and only then do you get any benefit from using this product . Sorry Mike Holmes

for rating on fire CSA ULC standard on all untested plaster and gypsum products is 20 min. a typeX 1/2" drywall is 30min but more expensive and less durable than 5/8" drywall and all 5/8" is fire rated to 30 min.

For noise transmitting it is unlikely you will have insulation in the basement ceiling unless it was a legal apartment recently most single family homes would pass on the $2 a square foot to add insulate unless they were required to.

Insulation can be blown in a number of holes cut into the ceiling and done the same way as outside walls but is not a very efficient method and if at some time you experience a leak from above then its disastrous.

So your options are

1. take down the existing drywall and add insulation replace the drywall with 5/8 drywall tape finish and paint on 900 sq about $5400 materials in.

2. leave the old drywall in place and add a 2nd layer and finish $3150

3 leave the old drywall add resilient Chanel for more noise absorption and 5/8 drywall in 1 or 2 layers $4000 - $5000

4 go with the quiet rock 30 sheets are $3300 retail the balance of the other materials is in the $2000 range and the installation using piecework rates would be $3600 for a total of $8900 and will offer no more reduction in sound transfer than the other 3 options.

I am a Licensed Acoustical Mechanic it's been my trade for 25 years

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Elaine/tatsumi in Surrey
Date/Time8/10/2011 at 6:37:40 PM

I'm looking at Ron's response to this question. How does 2 (the cheaper of these 3 options) compare with 1 and 3 for results?

Ie, appearance and time to complete. (likely hiring a contracator for all or most).

Thanks for your time.

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