Temperature problems in an above the garage room

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Posted by: from Hamilton
5/29/2016 at 10:00:03 PM


I have an above the garage bedroom that my one year old son is in. I cannot keep the temperature extremes under control.

So far in an attempt to rectify the problem, I have:

1) Replaced the furnace and ac last March

2) called in an insulation team, that suggested putting spray foam underneath the floor between the room and garage. They cut a hole to check to see what was there and there is already spray foam. They did a thermal scan and there was no noticeable areas of heat loss.

3) The room has a large western facing window, we replaced it as well and encased it in shutters.

4) We installed a ceiling fan.

All this has resulted in nothing. My kid's room is still 80 F right now, with the fan and ac running. It's a 14 x 14 room, and the house was built in 1999. It has two vents and a cold air return. There is a newly shingled overhang outside the garage and under the window.

I'm up for suggestions.

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Date/Time5/30/2016 at 7:39:56 AM

Hi Andrew,

I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations with trying to figure out why you can't get then bedroom consistent temperature wise with the rest of the house.

I know you said you replaced the furnace and AC last year, but did they balance your system? This is an important part of your forced air system, the runs closer to the furnace are going to naturally have more pressure then the ones farthest away. A good HVAC technician will install and adjust dampers to ensure that all of the runs have equal air pressure.

Another thing to consider is the insulation and vapor barrier in the Attic above the room.

Hopefully this helps and good luck moving forward!

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Andrew in Hamilton
Date/Time5/30/2016 at 7:42:45 AM

Thank you, this is a good starting point. I'll have someone take a look.

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Date/Time5/30/2016 at 8:23:31 AM

Again sorry to hear what you have gone through.

Have you looked at the return air in that room.

My suggestion will be try to leave the door open to the room and see if that will solve some problem.

Do you have window coverings in the room?

I am not sure what kind of a furnace you installed if it is a two stage furnace you will have more issues. the up side to it is you can have the fan in the on position.

Try it and see if this will help.

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Fardeen from AirPrime HVAC Inc in Toronto
Date/Time5/30/2016 at 8:25:48 AM

Hi Andrew,

New furnace and air-conditioner will have effect the whole house not on a specific room. It is rather the air flow (CFM) as well as the heat gain or loss of that room compare to the rest of the house that needs to be adjusted.

Based on provided information, it seems that you have taken steps to insulate ceiling, floor and walls. That means you have minimized the heat gain and heat loss.

Now you can try to increase air flow to that specific room by:

1- adjusting the air dampers if available.

2- resizing the ducts (which may involve construction on ceiling and walls.

3- adding a return air duct if its not already there.

4- adding a secondary in duct blower that will pull more air from the main duct.

Other options would be to install a window air-conditioner or ductless air-conditioner. Keep in mind that this will only help to cool the room in summer. Since that room does not cool enough in the summer, it most likely does not heat enough in the winter.

I hope the information helped.

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Fardeen from AirPrime HVAC Inc in Toronto
Date/Time5/30/2016 at 10:06:51 AM

its also posible that the suply duct for that room gain heat from guarage and adds it to suply air. That normally happens if the insulation is above the suply duct instead if under. To test it, you can compare the air temerature at suply register of that room to suply register of another bedroom at same floor which is not above the guarage. It would be best to test it when guarage is hot and air-condetioner runs. Up to %15 deferencial will not have much effect, but more that %25 would have segnificant effect on room temperature.

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Date/Time5/31/2016 at 9:15:30 AM

I would suggest to put a ductless ac/heat-pump as this will operate only in that room so you can control it to your likes. I would install an Mitsubishi unit as they are whisper quiet and energy efficient and can be remotely controlled to direct the air flow, so it does not blow on baby's crib.

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