Tub enclosure replacement for shower enclosure

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Posted by: from Langley
11/14/2015 at 12:53:30 AM


When trying to regrout i discovered mould and removed the mouldy drywall, insulation and tiles to the bare wood and treated it with concribium, so it is mould free now. This is a standard size tub enclosure with a window at the center.

Now the tub enclosure needs to be rebuilt. I am now actually thinking of having the tub removed entirely and have a shower enclosure installed. This will mean removing the tub, new insulation, new backerboard, new shower base, tiling, glass doors (do not want curtains) and fixtures.

My questions are;

- how do I separate a good contractor from less good? I recently moved to the Vancouver area so i have no experience with contractors here.

- are there warranties on work?

- is it smarter to have the contractor supply the materials or is it better that I supply the materials and only sub the labour?

- where should I roughly think off cost wise for budgetting purposes for the labour part only (I can add up the materials myself)?

Thanks for your guidance.


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Date/Time11/14/2015 at 10:30:06 AM


I would suggest speaking with a shower company for the advuse that you are looking for. The decision about tub r shower is a personal one and only you can truly answer that. As to the material/labour questions, you could buy your own and it may be a cost saving, but ... it isn't always about cost. Make sure that you get the products and quality you want. I suggested a shower company because they do this type of work full time and most have a good, better, best line of products. You can always negotiate with them but it gives you a base from which to start your budgeting process.

Enjoy your project, and so glad that you removed the mould instean of hiding it.

Regards from Alberta.

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Date/Time11/14/2015 at 11:18:21 AM

Hi Ian,

I'm not sure if I read this correctly but, if there is a window in your shower area then a one or two piece shower tub combo won't work very well. They are not designed to be cut out for windows.

I would certainly recommend a tile shower in this case.

About finding good contractors... If you found one from "Trusted Pros" they already have customer reviews that are third party verified, I would recommend looking at the contractors associated with "Trusted Pros" and read their reviews etc.

Hope this helps.


Wayne Balliet

Project Manager

Builtru Construction

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Jorge from iTile Vancouver in Coquitlam
Date/Time11/14/2015 at 12:56:23 PM

Hi Ian,

Choosing the right materials for your project is a very important step in a long lasting installation and it is something you'll have to educate yourself if you want to provide the materials. The window in the middle of the wall can be a headache if the contractor does not deal with it properly and that may raise the cost a bit. You'll be looking at spending about 4k to 5k altogether. I hope you find the right contractor.


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