Turning a sunroom into a full season room

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Posted by: from Lawrencetown
4/26/2012 at 3:29:59 AM

I am currently sailing in the Arabian Sea with the HMCS Charlettetown. I will be here longer than originally expected and when I return will be turning a Summer type sunroom into an addition to my home.

The sunroom now currently has a good roof (one that was just installed with the rest of the home), and a good solid structure, my concern is the floor it sits on. It is currently sitting on deck which is supported up by patio blocks.

My question is. Will I/ should I replace the deck with a Slab or is it ok for me to insulate under the decking then lay the decking back down and add a sub floor or are there certain codes I will have to meet?

Basically I am looking to do the job properly but am also looking for my cheapist option. Any and all advice will be helpfully since I am time limited after returning as well.



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Date/Time4/26/2012 at 1:34:44 PM

Hi Corey, This is cool, I don't think I have ever sent anything to the Arabian Sea.

Back to the topic - What you have is a deck with an enclosure of some kind. What you want is an additional room for your house. Any additional living space will have to be built to current building codes for your area. For sure a foundation of some type, or maybe just a slab. You then need to frame properly, add electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and whatever else you want. It should be done from proper plans and with the appropriate permits and inspections.

If you are serious about it, you should start with your wish list and talk to an architect. He can draw up some plans and you can go get the permits. Cost wise, the only major saving you can get is to DIY as much as you can. Then it is your sweat equity and you don't have to pay anyone. You still have to go through the inspections and will probably have to use licensed trades for some of the work.

There is really only maybe max 10% difference in material pricing between a contractor and you. If the project is big enough you could probably drop off plans at the major suppliers out there and see if you can get a couple of bids on the whole package - maybe some savings that way.

Talk to your local permit office and ask some questions. They can probably tell you how far you can go without permits.

Back off topic again - the weather in Kettleby, Ontario right now is 6C and raining - Please don't come back and tell me your sun screen is wearing off!

Just kidding, thanks for being out there and looking after the bad guys!!! Fly our flag proudly!

Good Luck with it!

Jim Kuzma

Kettleby Handyman Services

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Date/Time4/29/2012 at 11:24:41 AM

HI Corey

As you will be turning this into a conditioned space as defined under the building code, you will want to eliminate as much moisture penetration as possible. Even though the decking is on patio stones, the moisture that comes from the soil below could cause issues once the space is closed off. Assuming the perimeter foundation is satisfactory, I would suggest it be best to remove the exsing material and install a new slab floor. This would also allow you to install foam insulation under the slab.


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