Unfinished Damaged and Defective Work

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Posted by: from Toronto
10/4/2021 at 3:32:12 PM

My rogue contractor was paid to do a fairly large sized project and paid way more than what was agreed on the contract through change orders. Then he left us with unfinished/defective/damaged work to the property and bolted without fixing any of these. Additionally, garbage strewn across the outside of the property and inside the property, which I cleaned up.

I filed a claim on his liability insurance and they insurance company is willing to settle the cost of the damage.

I am wondering how I can get the remaining amount which is close to about $80,000 - $100,000. Also I feel this is fraud and would it help to charge this rogue in the criminal courts or civil courts?

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Date/Time10/7/2021 at 8:50:57 PM

Your whole post smells fishy? Why would you pay a guy way over 100 grand who keeps changing the contract unless it was agreed too on said contract? and another thing if he has valid liability insurance?, he sure does not sound like a crook. I have had problem clients, while it is really bad for any contractor to walk & unprofessional, I think there is more to this story then being posted. This is really not a forum to complain about how you got ripped off and can stick it to the contractor. Your local consumer advocate protection agencies in your province can help/direct you with that, as well as obtaining a lawyer.

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Rod in Toronto
Date/Time10/12/2021 at 3:34:20 PM

Hey John, I wasn't complaining but asking for help. So please read my comment properly before you throw fire on someone who has been deliberately harmed by a rogue contractor. I paid because he kept dragging the work and emotionally strangling us, then he will give us change orders after change orders and we kept paying him as we wanted to move back into our home. He initially stated the whole project will take 3.5 months and we would have to stay elsewhere for only a month. But we stayed elsewhere for 5.5 months and after 8.5 months the work was still incomplete. We have teenage children and September was around the corner and we had to move back here so that the kids can go back to school. He rarely came to work and when tried to call him on the phone he will not even answer my calls. He also change the contract twice increasing the total cost of the contract from the initial contract we signed. Originally, it was $125k plus taxes, then it went to $158k plus taxes and then to $171k plus taxes. At the end when I added up all the invoices we paid, we have paid him close to $190k plus for about 70% completion. When we pressed him to give us his business address (he was using an old address) and gae him an ultimatum to finish the work and stopped paying him, he ran off. Then we had to pay about 50K to our own subtrades to come and complete the work which we have already paid him. There is nothing fishy in what I wrote, I may have missed some details as this is all new to me. Remember this was written at a high level, not deep. He also damaged the house inside and outside worth about $30k (approx).

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