Ventilation vent in the shower stall in the basement

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Posted by: from Maple
6/6/2019 at 9:46:38 AM


Finishing up a basement.

My contractor had used this opening hole (which we suspect was already in existence when the house was built 13 years ago) to vent out the hot water vapour/air from the shower stall in the basement to the exterior of the house.

The shower stall is located in the bathroom which has a toilet and a vanity top/sink

Is there a danger that the hot water vapour would come into contact with the furnace?

What is the seriousness of the problem? **Important Question

To mitigate the problem we will have to ensure that the glass shower does NOT reach to the top of the ceiling as we will have to channel the hot water vapour (from a hot shower) to the other areas in the bathroom (and where else?)

After a bath should I open or close the bathroom door (note the word bathroom door) (Not The Shower Stall Door)?

(The shower stall is custom made and is located inside the complete/whole oblong bathroom).

Will a ceiling exhaust fan mitigate the problem?

The contractor should have created a new vent in the bathroom and far away from the shower stall.

We have already installed and sanded the drywall (but we have not painted the walls)

Is it too late to make the changes (remove the drywall, refit the pipes, re drywall re sand etc etc)?

Is it worth to make the change ?


Ventilation vent in the shower stall in the basement
Ventilation vent in the shower stall in the basement
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Date/Time6/6/2019 at 10:10:43 AM


The vent in the photo looks like a heat register and is there to heat the room. It is code to install a bathroom fan to remove either the smell / moisture from the bathroom.

It's best if you plan on re-piping to do it now as the bathroom is not finished yet?

Thank you.

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Date/Time6/6/2019 at 10:26:54 AM

You should never tie into hot water venting for a bath ceiling fan plain and simple it has to be separate by code and my common sense for safety. Have your contractor install an exhaust fan in the bathroom vented on its own!

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