What am I looking to budget for 120ft wooden, 80 ft chain link fencing?

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Posted by: from Everett
3/21/2017 at 11:30:57 PM

Hi Pros,

Finally decided to just put the question out myself, as have been trying to research the question as this summer I want to put in the following:

- 6 feet high wooden treated fence (not fussed over latice, whatever would look good and cheaper I guess). 125 feet deep

- 1 wooden entry door

- 6 feet high chain link fence, 70 feet in total

- 1 small chain link door

- 1 double chain link door

Quotes I have seen on this forum seem to range. But I am in Everett, ON, which is right by Alliston. So wondering if anyone knows of prices in the area and what I am looking at?


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Date/Time3/22/2017 at 1:43:26 PM

Hi Ryan,

Many factors at play when planning a fence. Type of ground is the biggest one, rough design of the fence. If you have a pool in your yard the wood fence must be Vertical. Is there access to your yard for a small machine.

Do your homework a bit. Get at least 3 Detailed Estimates on exactly what you want. Sometimes these Fencing Companies will give you a rough cost just over the phone, if you answer all their questions.

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Date/Time3/22/2017 at 5:02:41 PM

Hi Ryan.

We've been building wooden fences for 16+ years and can offer what hopefully is some insight on that part of your project.

We are in Brampton Ontario so we can't guarantee the prices are the same in Everett but can't imagine they would be too different.

For a basic, well constructed vertical fence built out of pressure treated lumber, the base price will vary depending on what size fence posts you choose.

Generally speaking, if you are using 4x4 fence posts, you will be looking at approximately $35 per linear foot. For 6x6 fence posts, it is approximately $50 per linear foot.

Gates are usually extra because of the additional cost of gate hardware, inserts (if desired), double gate lumber and hardware, etc. So figure on an extra $100 or more per gate.

These prices should cover the costs of pressure treated lumber, all labour and with us we include waste removal and design/build services.

Hope that helps you budget out for the wooden fence portion of your project.

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