What are your thoughts on vinyl tiles over ceramic floors?

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Posted by: from Newmarket
11/23/2014 at 4:08:29 PM

I got a call this week from someone wanting to install vinyl tiles (peel and stick 18"X18" and an adhesive) over the existing ceramic floor tiles. Apparently, the local big box store told him that it would be fine. Because I was curious, I went to take a look. In my view (and as I explained to the customer) the biggest concern is the vinyl tile eventually conforming to the various imperfections (i.e. the grout lines and several raised corners) and looking like crap.

I turned the job down due to these concerns and suggested having the installation services of the store do it (since they will warranty the work and I wouldn't).

Anyway, I am still curious as to what people's thoughts and experiences are in this regard.

What are your thoughts on vinyl tiles over ceramic floors?
What are your thoughts on vinyl tiles over ceramic floors?
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Date/Time11/23/2014 at 5:27:38 PM

Personally I would never attempt to place vinyl anything over a ceramic/slate etc. It is not a proper surface and corners will pop, crease, and absorb spills and eventually loosen the adhesive. Very problematic! If they were to remove the tiles clean all and any debris and put a new sub floor with a thin set for screw holes and seems then yes, but in my opinion its a bad investment to vinyl on ceramic.


A Few Good Men Construction and Services

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Date/Time11/23/2014 at 5:38:59 PM

I would never consider doing vinyl tile over any surface other than a properly prepared subfloor.

You were wise to refuse the job!

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Date/Time11/25/2014 at 11:30:16 PM

You can prepare the floor by applying a thin layer of self leveling latex floor polymer.

Available from Rona, etc. $45 per bag. Makes two 5 gallon pails. make and pour very thin.

Mix very well. Put tape around the inside of the HVAC floor registers and over any cracks that will leak to below.

Don't know why anyone would want VCT over ceramic. Bad idea.

There is some very good looking vinyl "Wood" planks 7" X 48" with two layers of ceramic on the finish, life time warranty on residential applications. Look for it in a good flooring store that carries better hardwood flooring. $3.75 per ft.


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