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Posted by: from Kitchener
3/24/2012 at 10:11:13 AM

A friend has hired a contractor to do some renovations in her home. She has had problems with this contractor. She has no home address for him only a cell phone.

Her kitchen has been incomplete and virtually un usable for over a month which is how long it has been since he has actually been to her home. Efforts to contact him have been virtually useless and when she does she is given excuses.

He is a licensed contractor.

What avenues could she pursue to get the work completed?

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Robert from Electrilight Ltd. in Oakville
Date/Time3/24/2012 at 11:14:09 AM

Best thing to do is call the local police and ask for his home address and phone number. If this contractor has taken money and not giving what has been covered in the contract, he has basically stolen from the client.

All this information should have been requested prior to the money changing hands and if there was a certificate of incorporation provided by this "licensed contractor", then the government can certainly provide the owners information.

Sadly the police may not be able to help get the money back, but atleast if the contractor turns against the home owner (abusive), the police can assist right away.

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Hamish from Natural Solutions in Coquitlam
Date/Time3/24/2012 at 9:33:02 PM

Yes dito the first reply!

The tradesman is licensed by who?

Anyone can get a business license to that is nothing to judge a contractor by!

If you can get the guys license plate, you have a good chance of finding out his other details. However, experience can be expensive, and your friend may just have bought some!!

References are always a good way to go, making sure that they are credible !

Best of luck.

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Date/Time3/24/2012 at 11:17:42 PM

As said earlier, any one can be licensed and that gives the customer no protection. You might be able to get his contact info from the city that licensed him. Since he has done work on the house, the police will be no help, since it's no longer fraud and is now a civil matter.

Hopefully you haven't paid him beyond what has been done. If that's the case, hire another contractor to finish the work and be done with him. If not your contract is your only option, read it carefully to find any terms that can help you.

As far as complaints, the BBB and any web sites he is on are your best bet.

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Sanjay in Brampton
Date/Time3/26/2012 at 5:07:07 PM

I have a similar issue with the contractor basically not showing up anymore.

The contractor is insured....can I file a claim against his insurance company for not completing the work?

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