What do you charge for painting?

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Posted by: from Oakville
3/18/2016 at 2:35:20 PM


What do you charge per square foot to paint walls only with 2 coats of paint?

Some rooms have furniture and some are empty. Is there a price difference with furniture?

No priming involved and little repairs.

Also what do you charge to paint 6 pannel doors and frames? They only need 1 coat.

What is your price per linear foot to paint baseboards and trim? They also only need 1 coat.

If you could let me know. I need a general idea of what you charge.

Thank you,


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Stephanie from Peintre Habitation in Candiac
Date/Time3/18/2016 at 6:10:43 PM


We charge 0.40 cents a square foot to paint walls. The price is no different with or without furniture, door and frames are 25$ each. And for the baseboards it is 0.30 cents per linear foot.

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Date/Time3/18/2016 at 10:05:59 PM

I charge by room not square feet. No price difference if there is furniture but it needs to be moved to the centre of the room. Doors both sides two coats no primer cost $25/side. Frames are $25/frame. Again I don't price by linear ft for baseboard and trim. It's $50/hr.

I hope that answers your questions!

Take care,

Rhonda Sheppard


Signature Blue Painting Co

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Date/Time3/19/2016 at 4:55:29 PM

I'm sorry, I can only supply pricing on jobs by either meeting with the customer on the job site or working from architectural drawing or speaking directly with the customer to go over the variables that exist on every location, amount of prep, type of materials, etc.

I'd also like to point out that any other competitor could be looking for this info to gain an edge.



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Date/Time3/19/2016 at 4:59:58 PM

$1.00 sq ft for walls $60 a door and frame and $1.00 a lf trim.

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Dave in Oakville
Date/Time3/20/2016 at 9:27:24 AM

Spraying a stucco ceiling. Is there a general price to charge per square foot ?

The ceiling that needs to be done is 12x12.

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Date/Time3/20/2016 at 6:17:18 PM

We usually charge about $300 per room for walls only. This includes all labour, paint and materials and a moderate amount of prep.

We charge about $25 per door one coat which also includes all labour, paint and material.

Baseboards would be 50 cents per foot.

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Date/Time3/21/2016 at 11:49:28 AM

Hello there,

I hope your having a great day. In order to answer your question properly I would need some information from you.

We charge per room, not sq ft, therefore I would need to know the sq ft per room. Will there be any accent walls? Would you be painting the ceilings? Once I receive this information I will be able to provide you with a price.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Date/Time3/22/2016 at 7:16:48 PM

Hello Dave,

We charge 1-1.5 $ per square foot depends on wall quality and condition.40$ for 1coat paint 2sided, and 1.5$ linear foot to paint baseboards and trims.My price is based on Benjamin moore paint and colour and best quality work.


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Date/Time3/23/2016 at 2:09:32 PM


We charge $1.00 a square foot per coat. They will be a price difference for furniture based on the size of the room and space furniture occupied. 1 panel door and frame price are $80.00 for two coats. Baseboards per linear foot 0.65-0.90 cents all depends on if it's repaint or brand new trim.


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Date/Time5/14/2016 at 3:17:53 AM

I charge $1.00 per sqft for walls.

Doors & frames is $70.00 & 0.80 cents per linear foot.

Thank you,


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