What ways can a garage foundation be made?

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Posted by: from London
6/5/2014 at 9:54:50 AM

We need to put in a new foundation and footings in order to build a new garage. The size is 16' x 22'. We have been told that we can do a cinder block foundation without the need for footings because the ground is solid and sound.

We've also been told that this is not true.

Also, we have been told that we can pour a pad making sure that the corners and 2' each direction are poured 12" deep with the remainder of the pad poured at 4" - 6" and that these deeper corners will serve as the footing.

We would like the most cost effective option but we also want to make sure it is done the correct way the first time. If anyone can just tell us if all of these options are possible or what exactly needs to be done that will help greatly.

Lastly, any idea what the approx cost of the cement will cost for either option?

Thank you!

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Date/Time6/5/2014 at 6:03:23 PM

You CAN NOT put cinder blocks on the ground without footings period. Whoever told you otherwise is a complete idiot.

You will need a permit for a garage and the city will tell you the same thing.

You can pour a concrete pad, it's called a slab on grade foundation. It's quite common in the southern states, but not so much in Ontario. The problem is with our winters, it could possibly shift and crack from frost heaving. Most contractors would never recomend it. The only benifit is that it's cheap to do.

Ideally you want your foundation walls (concrete or cinder blocks) to be at least 4' deep so that it's below our frost line and then the concrete floor is poured between the foundation walls. It's not the cheapest option but it is the best way and you'll be happier in the end.

Cost depends on your local contractors but you could be $10K for just the foundation work.

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Date/Time6/7/2014 at 10:43:30 PM

You have to excavate to a depth of 4'. Form and then pour footings. With a weeper system built around same. Then you can build a cinder block foundation if you wish.

But I would install the footings, then the weeper system. Then form and pour a proper concrete foundation.

Now you will have a solid foundation to build off of.


James Fram

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