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Posted by: from Brantford
9/12/2018 at 6:03:05 PM

So I just recently finished a tiled shower and curb which has been slanted properly, the problem where having is there as a small leak from the glass door (pivot style frameless door) one leak is where it pivots at the bottom seal/sweeper the second is seal/sweeper in the corner where door closes and meets magnetic strip at bottom, I have been back multiple times to try and correct the issue with silicone and have had no such luck I have done everything possible in my mind of what to do, it still leaks a bit and I'm worried the customer will try and take me to court or something stupid over a small leak, I have told them to get a plumber or shower door guy in to have a look as well, I'm just worried what would you do

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Date/Time9/12/2018 at 8:32:52 PM

I would contact the shower door manufacturer and ask for their support in correcting this. I would also be communicating to the home owner that you are doing your best to correct this and that you will not consider the project to be completed until this is rectified. Good luck.

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Date/Time9/12/2018 at 8:35:31 PM

It can be difficult to get a watertight seal around a frameless door. If you installed the door it does fall on you to try to correct issue. I would try another high quality sweeper to see if that helps. Also advise customer to have shower head adjusted so it is not spraying directly on door. Hope that helps.

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Cornel from Steopan Remodeling in Coquitlam
Date/Time9/12/2018 at 9:28:04 PM

Hi, Inspect Throughly.

The biggest change is to figure out the exact location of the package.

Often lacks are too small and remain unnoticed ,that is until signs of damage start appearing .

Thoroughly inspect the following areas as they re most phone to leaks.

.The door sweep at the bottom of the shower door.

.The metal framework attached to the wall of the enclosed.

.The tracks in wich the shower door slides in if you have sliding door.

. Repair improper installation can cause water to sweep out while taking shower or due to condensation.

.Blockage of drainage holes can also, result in lacking, if, it's an installation problem,like a badly positioned doorsill or malfunctioning door, Contact an installation Profesional instead of doing it yourself.

.This is because if it ,goes wrong you may end up with a shattered glass shower door a turn down floor around the shower or an exposed sheetrock.

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