What's the proper sequence to do repairs due to mold in attic?

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Posted by: from Dollard Des Ormeaux
12/4/2015 at 1:59:56 PM

The bathroom in a house I rent out has a ceiling vent but no fan is attached so the humidity has been going up into the attic for years. I had a specialist come in to check the attic and there is mold. He gave me a quote to remove the mold and suggested I get someone to install a roof vent that connects to the bathroom ceiling, then install a fan, remove and install a new bathroom ceiling. Since the entire roof had not been changed in many years, I went ahead and got a new roof and made sure a vent was added for the future work on the bathroom ceiling/fan.

My question is: Do I get the mold in the attic removed before working on the bathroom or do these jobs need to be done at the same time? Also, what would be the cost to install the ceiling fan, connect it to the roof vent, replace the bathroom ceiling (8' X 5''), fix any drywall damage and repaint?

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Brian from Next Restoration in Rockwood
Date/Time12/5/2015 at 1:17:27 AM

It can all be done at the same time. I do these jobs very often. My price would be $1600 for everything.

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Date/Time12/5/2015 at 12:06:15 PM

Hi There and thank you for posting your question! Please disregard to the answer above as it is very wrong and very misinforming.

To start, the mold issue in the attic needs to be determined as to what level of abatement you will require! If you have a higher level of abatement needed, meaning the mold is very heavy and hazardous, they will need to completely seal the attic off from the lower, and have men in full suits up there cleaning or removing items affected, this can be a very big job if the mold growth is past the point of cleaning! Then, during this process, it is a good idea for the homeowners to be out of the house until the air inspection comes back in acceptable ranges. Once that occurs, and the attic is cleaned and ready to move on, at that point it is time to proceed, and depending on what needed to be done, you may end up straight into a renovation at that point. But regardless, once the mold is cleaned up, you need a new fan right away otherwise similar issues will happen. Also notably, this cannot all be done in one day as to install drywall properly takes 3 coats of mud, with time to dry in between and again cannot be done in one day.

The biggest thing is going to be tied into the mold abatement, and by hiring anyone who does now know how to properly get rid of the mold could in fact be harming you more than helping and just wiping the spores off of walls etc to float through your house and physically affect your health, so you need a professional company that does air tests and all to complete the work.

As for cost, nobody on here can give you a quote to fix without seeing the job and what is required and anyone that does is very uninformed and is not a professional in these regards.

Good luck and I hope that helped you out!

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