Why is labour and material so expensive to (12 x 24 ceramic) tile a small bathroom?

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Posted by: from Mississauga
1/10/2017 at 8:12:18 PM

Why is the cost (labour and material) so expensive to (12 x 24 ceramic) tile a small bathroom?

I adding a second bathroom 6 feet by 7 feet, with a bathtub. Looking to tile the floor and the bathtub area (Est 9 feet by 5 feet). I was quoted $3000 for material and labour.

Can anyone help me understand this cost, and if it's a fair cost, can any one suggest ways to save?

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Spencer from ONE94 in Hamilton
Date/Time1/10/2017 at 10:19:08 PM

Hi Dewy,

How expensive is the tile you've chosen? Is the installer supplying all the materials including the tile?

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Joanna from JM Home Renovation in Coquitlam
Date/Time1/10/2017 at 10:19:12 PM

If the job is only tiling both flooring and tub surround in a standard straight edge design style in a 12 x 24 tile size, roughly labor cost and material is $1,600+ tax.

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Thomas from Trusted Trades in Cambridge
Date/Time1/10/2017 at 10:34:08 PM

Depends on the cost of tile like mentioned above. The underlay used, the mortar, the tile backer for the tub surround? It does sound a little expensive, but I would need to see and understand everything that is needed and what that other contractor is truly providing in his service.

If it is simply tiling the floor and the walls, no accents or niches. Likely 900 in labour. 300 for building materiald and 350 for tile.(depending on selections) Home protection 200. 100 for disposal of waste So 1850+HST

If tile underlay and tile backer is being installed and is included in the price.That added labour and added material would easily put you at the 3000 mark.

All in what your really getting.

Potential savings-put in vynl on the floor, its comfortable and cheap. Go to a flooring store and pick out your own tile and floor and have them install it. Their rates are usually slightly better.

Just make sure everything is prepped if going that route.

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Date/Time1/10/2017 at 11:12:05 PM

I hope this helps. Things to keep in mind when a contractor provides a quotes;

- admin time (time required to visit and provide a quote, paper and ink etc...

- cost associate to the business; we have to pay the government the hst on the total cost, city business license registration etc..

- permits (time required)

- cost to dispose of rubbish

- cost associated to the time spent on shopping for the materials (this can be very time consuming)

- gas and insurance required (customer doesn't have to use their vehicule)

- tools/blades needed to completed the work, like sawzalls blades, nails/screws, paint, caulking etc..

- products needed that are behind the work, like waterproof membrane, mortar, grout, sealer, soldering wire, plumber's putty etc...

-finally the bathroom fixtures; vanity, mirror, shower mixer, towel rack etc..

In the end, your contractor will probably make between 15 and 25 once the above have been paid for, depending on their skill level.

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Date/Time1/10/2017 at 11:31:47 PM

This is a fair question and I think a lot of people run into this scenario. There are certainly a number of factors at hand here. This is definitely the right ballpark, which could be verified with a site visit. Based on a floor of <50sqft and a tub surround of <100sqft, this would serve to be a 3 day project. Day 1 to prep and start tiling ( rear wall of tub surround and floor ). Day 2 to complete tiling and miscellaneous details. Day 3 for grout and caulking plus miscellaneous finishing and cleaning. Although it's possible to complete the tiling all in one big day, this often compromises quality. Our labour typically runs around $800/day - so $2000 - $2500.

As for materials you will need a good $100 in the appropriate adhesives, edging, grout, and caulking to start.

Tile prices can range drastically, from <$1/sqft - $27+/sqft. We typically include an allowance of $4/sqft. This brings it up to >$700. Now if we supply this material, a 20% markup is applied, so we would want to budget $850 for materials. This does not include any underlay, waterproofing membranes, or decorative features such as inserts or niches. So based on all this, we would be looking for something in the $3000 range for sure.

If you're looking to save money, maybe consider the following :

- find discount tiles perhaps discontinued

- look at tile options <$1/sqft

- seek young, inexperienced installers

- consider vinyl click flooring alternatives

- perform a DIY install

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Vincent from James Renovations in Toronto
Date/Time1/11/2017 at 2:30:32 AM

Bathroom tiling can vary in pricing depending on the type of tiles you want.

Bathroom walls around tub also need to be fully water proofed to prevent water leakage.

If you are installing large format polished porcelain tiles labor charge is a lot higher than installing regular ceramic or smaller tiles.

Hope this helps.



James Renovations

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