Window purchase nightmere

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Posted by: from North York
7/16/2008 at 10:15:49 AM

My wife and I decided to buy windows this year to replace our old wooden ones. Originally very friendly. He was at our home for about 3 hours which is understood based on the size of the job. We had decided to go with a retro fit installation because it better fit our budget. He showed us all possible styles for our opening s and we had decided to go with pure white upvc casement windows. He was our 3rd estimate. There was a salesman prior to our final find that let us know the different types of vinyl out on the market today and said that upvc was the best. So he showed us a casement window that was white and claimed it was upvc which is vinyl mixed with a platinum substance for durability against UV rays. Anyways, our worst nightmere just came about. The reason we decided to go with this company was because of the price. His quote was about $900 less than others. When the installers came to install the windows: first they spoke almost no english and second they were sloppy and didn't do a good job cleanup after themselves. To cut the story short. they said he would supply upvc vinyl intern supplied another vinyl which is 100% recycled vinyl from scraps after he told us that they do not use recycled vinyl. Now our windows which were white to begin with have slightly changed colour to off-white like a yellow not to mention that the caulking was a sloppy job as well. Folks, you get what you payfor. We learned our lesson. Like my grandpa always said... You buy cheap, you'll buy it 3 times but quality lasts a life-time. Terrible company to deal with. We also have 4 services calls open with then for over 1 year now. Still no resolutions....GRRRRRRRRRRRR

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Abba's Service in Huntsville
Date/Time7/21/2008 at 1:34:27 PM

I am very sorry to here that this has happened to you. I know you probably don't won't to here this but I would sue that company if I were you. The best way to do this is to get the job totally redone and when you go to court the judge will see that it cost you this much money to fix the mistake that was done by that company. In most cases you will get everything you payed for them stupid mistakes that these people have done to your Home. You should see if they are a member in your area. The chamber of commerce will help you get what you want as well! Thanks have a nice day!

Abba's Service

Michael Keel

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Date/Time7/21/2008 at 7:05:43 PM

Sorry about your luck Dan. I've been in renovations for 29 years now and stayed out of the window biz for 1 reason- what you just described. 20 years ago a regular client of mine asked me if I could replace her windows as she was almost dizzy from the song&dance sales she was getting from at least 6 different companies. I told her I did not really do windows, but I would research it & get back to her. 6 months later I found the window that I still install today.

All I can offer you is: do your homework. You could sue them, but they probably have lawyers on speed dial. It does'nt sound like these windows have been installed for very long- there is no way they should be breaking down already. You should try and find the head honcho & perhaps reason with them as to what you think they should do to make things right, but something tells me that with 4 warranty requests unanswered inside of a year, you'll be wasting your time. Keep on them, don't give up till you get something. Good luck Dan.

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