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Posted by: from Olds
3/19/2012 at 7:01:53 PM

Is window installation an easy DIY project? We have three picture windows in our living room at the front of the house. I was not sure how to properly measure the windows so I measure the inside frames. The measurements are 60.5" H x 53" for the main middle window and 60.5" x 29" for the other two. We would like to install two vertical sliders for the smaller windows.

Does anyone have an idea of the cost of those windows? And if DIY would be out of the question what do you think it would cost to have them installed?

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Date/Time3/19/2012 at 7:52:33 PM

Hi candice.

Installing windows is not to tricky of a task as long as you follow the basics of keeping the windows square, plub, level and flush to the drywall. Also it depends on your type of siding and the thickness of your outter walls. You need to have them ordered deep enough to meet with the brick. You also will more than likely need some new flashing outiside to seal up the unit.

Your best option for properly sizing the windows is to have the trim removed on the inside. Measure insde the stud to the oother side. The rule of thumb is -2" from that measurement.

So all in all, it is probably best to get a pro to install them for you. ;)

Hope this helps


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Date/Time3/20/2012 at 11:35:09 AM

Hi Candice,

As it looks from your picture you have one large window build from three units small-big-small.

There are a few ways to replace a window:

*Frame to frame (retrofit) you remove the glass and the guts and leave the base frame in place (its better to cut off the posts in the middle) and install inside the existing wood frame, then insulate and caulk both sides and cover the wood outside with aluminium capping to protect the wood and give the new window(vinyl prefered energy star better) maintenance free.

*Stud to stud (all removed) you remove the whole thing including the frame and the casing inside.

Now you have one big hole in the wall and you can create the new windows any width you want disregarding the old sizes.

The window you get should have jam extension on it, this is a peace attached to the inside that will end smooth with the interior wall so you can finish with new casing.

As far as the size most of the existing windows are build with a 1" thick frame (3/4" finished size). So you measure from inside of the frame to the other side and add 1 1/2" to make the window size.

In windows you put the width first and then the height. When you install you have to foam it both sides in and out and then cap the outside to the bricks or siding.


Harry C.

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