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Posted by: from Kitchener
1/24/2009 at 10:23:49 AM

I want to replace some tile flooring on our main floor because most of the tiles are chipped or broken and it's just looking outdated. My problem is not so much the type or colour of flooring but more how many different types of flooring or colours can I use without it looking weird.

The main floor consists of a living room and dining room that are side by side and both have hardwood flooring. There is a kitchen and small 2 pc bath and a hallway to connect them that are all done in the same tile.

There is no way that I can match the hardwood in the living and dining room without replacing that too.

Should I choose the same flooring to go throughout the kitchen, bathroom and hallway or should I do a different flooring in each area?

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Date/Time1/24/2009 at 10:43:14 AM

Having the same color in each room is dull and boring. You can have a different color or type of flooring in each room or you can have more then one color and type of flooring in the same room. The trick is to have colors and patterns compliment each other.

You can look at the attached picture. The picture is taken from the front entrance looking into a small condo. The entrance floor is large dark tile, with a curved edge to the carpet. If you look to the right of the dark tile you will see an olive type tile. Though you cannot tell the size of the olive tile is 12x12 in a alternating pattern.

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flooring help
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Mr Odd Job in Aurora
Date/Time1/25/2009 at 9:24:43 AM


The type of flooring you choose is greatly determined by what look you are going for and what purpose. If you wish to lay hardwood in the hallway to match you liv/dining rms, the only way to get this is to strip and restain the existing flooring to match the new. I personally don't like hardwood in a high traffic area as it will wear with time and eventually will need refinishing. Tiles are more durable in high traffic areas and to achieve a flow and not be 'boring' you can add accents tiles to act as borders or to break up areas. There is so much you can do with tiles. Don't go overboard, but you can be as creative as you like.



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Bridget from EllisPIper Homes in Chilliwack
Date/Time2/10/2011 at 7:20:37 PM

As long ans the different floorings compliment each other in style and colour then different floorings help denote the different areas and useage of the rooms. By style I mean mixing rustic with ultra modern for example, not tile and wood necessarilly.

If rooms are seperated by doors, then this accomodated a different floor style more readily.

If you are retiling areas, then I suggest using a porcelian tile as opposed to ceramic. The reason being if the tile gets chilled, the chipped area is the same colour as the tile and less noticable. They are also much harder to chip in the first place than ceramic.

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Date/Time3/20/2011 at 3:02:17 AM

my personal and professional experience is now a days trend is contrast not matching and im also agrees with others that you should give a break



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