Advice on how to fix drain flange?

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Posted by: from Aurora
4/20/2015 at 5:04:25 PM


I am looking for some advice on how to fix an un level drain flange. I recently hired a plumber to adjust shower drain and do rough ins for our upstairs bathroom. The plumber installed a drain flange with adjustable drain grate. However, when the drain flange rests at the appropriate height (half inch sufloor) the drain is not level. I have explained this to the plumber and while he has returned my calls, he appears largely unwilling to fix this. Please see pictures.

On top of that, I am planning on installing kerdi, making the adjustable drain grate useless. It appears to me that if the plumber had a longer neck for the drain and omitted the drain flange that I would be fine. Currently the drain grate is only level when the flange sits about half an inch below the subfloor.

Any advice?

Advice on how to fix drain flange?
Advice on how to fix drain flange?
Advice on how to fix drain flange?
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Date/Time4/20/2015 at 9:00:08 PM

Hi Blake,

If you plan on using the Kerdi/Schluter system, there is a drain that you can purchase, that comes specifically for that. When contractors use the Kerdi/Schluter, we usually just set the trap centre, and leave a pipe stubbed up, out of the trap, unglued, until the subfloor is repaired. That way the contractor, or plumber can then install the pre made, kerdi drain to proper height.

The kerdi drain comes with spacers, and allows us to cut the proper size pipe, and set the drain.

It looks as though the drain you have is for the shower pan liner set-up.

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Date/Time4/21/2015 at 10:32:49 AM

Your issue with the drain really doesn't matter at this point anyway. The Kerdi sytem uses it's own drain system. All you need is a 2" pipe stick up, which gets cut to the proper height during the shower installation. You now have a flange type drain for a rubber shower pan, which you can not use with a kerdi shower.

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Date/Time4/21/2015 at 6:32:28 PM

Hello Blake

Use the oatley shower membrane system from home depot. Add in some braces across the bottom of the drain and than use copper all round to hold it down in a level position. Ensure there are no sharp edges from the copper all round and than use a sand base for the shower on top of the rubber membrane. This Oatley system requires more skill to install but has been in use for many years and works fantastic if done properly. Other than that just cut that drain out and do as the other contractors have subjected with the 2" pipe simply extruding through the pre made Kerdi shower pan and drain system. Ensure you keep the p trap in the floor with no clean outs. Boda bing boda boom :)

Best of luck.

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Date/Time4/24/2015 at 9:31:34 AM

David of GRD,

You obviously know nothing about the Kerdi shower system, or how to install there drain. It is a superior shower waterproofing system when compared to the Oatley sytem that you suggest. Which is 100 year old technology that almost every new subdivision house uses because it's cheap and most fail within a few years. It's 2015, we have better products out now, you might want to check some of them out.

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Date/Time4/24/2015 at 11:23:37 PM

James from Phoenix renovations,

First off, settle down bud.

I know the Kerdi system well as I have installed hundreds of them. Not sure if you read the post from Blake but he clearly has a drain made for the Oatley system. His question was "I am looking for some advice on how to fix an uneven drain flange" not which shower system is superior. I am not here to push products, I am here to try and help people with their questions. Also if you read my post I didn't mention anywhere that the Oatley system is superior to the kerdi or that there is anything wrong with the Kerdi system, simply that it is an option for Blake. Read before you write James, Thanks.

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