Best Way To Fix Water Leak From Frame-Less Shower Base

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Posted by: from Markham
3/2/2014 at 8:34:00 PM

I have frame-less glass shower. There is slight leak in the ceiling. The leak comes from glass base. The glass is placed on marble (3 piece & 2 joints). Leaking is from one of the joint. The builder put grout. Looks to me grout is cracked inside. The builder service person came two times & fixed with silicone (they won't do more than that!). It stopped for couple of months and started again, since I look ceiling pretty much every day I stopped using so damage is not much.

I need your expertise advice what is best way to fix this permanently. Is there liquid / spray kind of silicone which can go deep in? I see TV commercials for Flexi Seal but not sure that can be used for bath or not.

I am also thinking about remove the glass and remove marble and re-do it. May damage some tiles but I have original tiles. But my concern is not the cost. Breaking may create more problem unless I get very professional/experienced contractor who can do it very carefully without damaging anything else.

Looking for your expert advice (I have marked joints in picture with X).



Best Way To Fix Water Leak From Frame-Less Shower Base
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Date/Time3/3/2014 at 9:40:13 PM

Sorry I didn't understand your post 100% but from what I can gather is that your getting water in behind your tiles or the threshold that the glass in on. This is caused when water gets in behind or under the tile, check where they screwed in the clips that hold the glass, done incorrectly will allow water to get in the scew hole, behind or under tile and cause the grout to crack.

Your best option is to get a good contractor to redo it properly, silicon and just about anything else will just be a temporary band aid.

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Date/Time3/10/2014 at 8:26:25 AM

The curb that the glass sits on is supposed to have waterproofing that goes up and over it. Being a builders shower, it proably isn't. Caulking is supposed to be the first water proof layer, not the only one.

Unfortunatley the only way to fix it properly is the redo the curb, floor and one foot up the wall. You can reuse the glass.

Do not give up on the builder or the new home warranty, keep harassing him. That's the only way they fix anything.

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Date/Time3/14/2014 at 12:11:48 PM

So sounds like another slap and dash shower. I have seen this so many times. For anyone who thinks your tile and or marble is the waterproofing portion of your shower you are wrong. First of all you need to have a 100% water proof pan or liner. You should essentially be able to take a shower with out having any tiles installed. The tiles are just for looks.. not the waterproofing portion.

Only way I can see to fix this is to completely remove everything and redo it PROPERLY.

I have seen quite a few times small so called leaks turn into massive issues. One for instance... about a cup of water for every time a 30 min shower was taken... but after I started to take things apart... ended up the entire floor of around a 6x6 area was completely rotten. It was just pooling and soaking in. One little nail hole was where it was leaking. So it is what you can't see is where the major issues will happen.

You need to do a flood test or be 100% sure you made your membrane or waterproofing "waterproof". It is the only way.

So sorry to hear about your issues. But have it addressed soon... or you will have further and much more costly repairs in the future.

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Date/Time3/14/2014 at 12:16:32 PM

Provided a little picture of the issue I had. The little leak in basement that didn't seam to bad... ended up being this sweet mess to clean up. So no matter how small the leak, you don't know what is going on that you cant see. Water is the biggest damaging problem no matter how small it is.

Best Way To Fix Water Leak From Frame-Less Shower Base

Best Way To Fix Water Leak From Frame-Less Shower Base

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