Can I install kitchen vent?

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Posted by: from Winnipeg
3/25/2015 at 12:22:57 PM

I am looking to buy a home and I have selected a home where I like everything except one which I want to discuss here.

There is a microwave with a vent filter on top of the gas range, but the vent does not do anything (there are no pipes). This is a 2 storey, so the bedroom is above the kitchen. There is a sunroom behind the kitchen as well.

My question - I definitely need a kitchen vent. My concern is if its do-able and practically feasible to install one?

The realtor and a friend said it would look ugly if its goes through the sunroom. If feasible, then how much would it cost me to rough in a vent exhaust to this microwave?

For now, I just need a ballpark rounded to the nearest $500, so that I can make an offer accordingly.

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Daniel from Bow Reno in Calgary
Date/Time3/25/2015 at 1:17:32 PM


It is difficult to assess off site because of the number of factors that play into this upgrade but I agree: an exhaust fan without an exhaust vent is pretty useless. Without the exhaust piping, the air is circulated through a crude filter and blown back in your face.

If you have a 2x6 wall behind the kitchen you may be able to remove the baseboard in the bedroom above and hole saw through the bottom plate of the bedroom wall and top plate of the ceiling below. Doing the same to the top plate of the bedroom wall from the attic and then feeding down PVC pipe to power vent the exhaust. The neat thing about doing this is the fan is in your attic so when you flip the switch there is no noise to this fan that is much more powerful then a conventional hood fan. You could likely do that for under $1500 (materials and labour, including the fan) with minimal damage because access is behind the baseboard and in the attic.

If you have a 2x4 wall behind your kitchen you can't use this type of venting because the hole required for the piping would remove too much of your top and bottom plates.

Check local Building Codes!

Hope this helps!

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Date/Time3/25/2015 at 1:19:24 PM


Anything is do-able, its all according what you will be prepared to accept given the circumstances, with the bedroom and sun room, which does not leave you with a great deal of choice.

Its difficult to say without a picture or seeing the details and options. If it were me, I'd play safe and ask for a $1000.00 to accommodate it - you will easily get the work completed for that.


G Rose - CMI

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Amit in Winnipeg
Date/Time3/25/2015 at 1:27:06 PM

Does this image help? I dont know the drywall dimensions. The left wall of the sunroom is at around the kitchen window. Behind the gas range and microwave is the dining area which has entry to the kitchen.

Can I install kitchen vent?
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Date/Time11/10/2015 at 6:27:28 PM

Hi Amit,

Looking to the picture I ASSUME that there should be a bulk head above if so then take the Microwave and cabinet down then you can vent it to the outside wall on your left through the bulk head as I see the window.

To re and re cabinets, + making hole on exterior wall, with grill and material I would consider anywhere from 1000 to 1200 depending on total scope of work height etc. If it is do able on that side. You need main guy and a helper one day can be finished.

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