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Posted by: from Toronto
7/14/2012 at 6:54:56 PM

We are thinking of having a corner tub with a shower in it. But we have heard that corner tubs are not meant for stand up showers as well. Due to the fact of weight distribution and we have heard they can crack. Is this correct? (our bathroom size does not allow us to have a corner tub and separate shower)

Can u pleas help us?

Thank you

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Date/Time7/15/2012 at 12:27:15 AM

Hi Sandra:

My advice to yo is go to a reputable Bath and Shower/ Plumbing supplier and see what is available.

There are many grades of fibreglass and acrylic units on the market. Perhaps, there isn't a unit available that will suit your needs or room dimensions. However, there are units that are not constructed as strongly as others, and this is not evident in the price.

The second issue to contend with is in doing a reno, you quite often have to get a unit that is specifically designed for renovations, and not new construction.

Why I am recommending a specialty shop is not for the fact of price, but they, unlike volume stores have access and knowledge of specialized products that may be for you but not necessarily high volume units. The big stores will only carry units that sell in volume.

The price of units in the shops will be comparable in price for quality as the volume stores.

That is where I would start first.

Good luck


Meadowood Hmes

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Date/Time7/15/2012 at 6:34:29 AM

Hi. A corner shower from my experience is not a good choice if you want a shower. You should have a qualified contractor of some sort come in and help you come up with a solution.

Often our past experience helps customers to come up with solutions that you may not know exists.

All the best;


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Michael from Only Bathrooms in Vaughan
Date/Time7/21/2013 at 12:45:52 AM

Hi Sandra,

Just make sure you use a tub with a flange that goes against the wall and not a regular drop in one. Otherwise you should be fine. Never heard of one cracking and showering is less weight than a bath full of water.

Good luck,


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