Cracked tiles due to improper install?

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Posted by: from Edmonton
6/19/2012 at 2:13:16 PM

In February 2012 we had a flood in our basement due to failed hot water tank. This resulted in three cracked tiles in the bathroom floor adjacent to the hot water tank/utility room. The insurance company says the cost to replace the three tiles will be $500-$600 dollars (not really worth the claim)... but they will do it if we want them to.

But I'm wondering if there isn't more to the problem. When I looked under the soaker tub (trying to figure out why the tiles cracked) I found that the contractor who had installed the tub in 2005 had left a hole through the cement to the soil (after jack-hammering to run plumbing lines to tub and toilet.). I believe this hole indicates improper cement re-fill after the 2005 tub and toilet install and that the the hot water tank could possibly have drained under the foundation causing swelling and cracked tiles.

I'm not learned about any of this kind of problem and am just using common sense. The insurance company says the hole under the tub has nothing to do with the cracked tiles and so I'm kind of stuck. And BTW, the insurance company is responsible for the 2005 tub and toilet install after a claim in 2005 (the big Edmonton flood).

Should I just replace the three tiles independantly? How do I find out the whole truth?

The insurance company wants to close the file but I think it might cost a whole lot more than they are saying.

Any ideas or insights into dealing with insurance?

Much appreciated.

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Date/Time6/19/2012 at 3:27:20 PM

In 2005 was it one of the insurance companies contractors that did your repairs??? and if so, your insurance company is on the hook for this.

If you took a cash out and had the repairs done by someone else, your on the hook for it.

As far as your 3 tiles do it yourself or get someone to do it, just remember that the floor needs to cleaned and disinfected for mold and mildew.

On another note, you can now see why we pay high insurance premiums, 3 tiles at 5 dollars each = $20.00 with tax, installation, lets say $100.00, total $120.00.

By the way, the adjuster and the contractor had lunch before they went to your place, guess who paid?

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Chris in Edmonton
Date/Time6/19/2012 at 4:23:33 PM

Thanks, Gary.

The insurance company had a preferred contractor who did the work in 2005. That preferred contractor is no longer working for the insurance company and they say they are not responsible and that it's okay to leave holes in the basement floor.

Anyway... I would like to know if re-sealing a basement floor is proper. Is it required by code in Alberta? Can I expect (more) problems if I don't have this explored? Can anyone offer an opinion? Thank you.

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Date/Time6/19/2012 at 4:34:57 PM


It is still your insurance companies responsibility, they are just trying to avoid fixing it for you, it is NOT OK to leave holes in basement floors, sealing is not code.

Here's what to do, call your adjuster back, tell him you want to speak to the manager, if you get the same run around from him, tell the manager you want head office's phone number, trust me, you will get results.

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Date/Time6/19/2012 at 8:00:39 PM

Good day...

The first thing will be to contact the insurance Bureau of Canada At:

Then you can see what they propose..

In our expertise an years of experience we have seen many cases of insurance abuse to their obligations and is usually a bad way to do busines but the most lucrative if you ask them!

If you have the energy and time try all the avenues it usually works: BBB and all the others.

Good luck!


All construction and renovations

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Date/Time6/19/2012 at 10:02:32 PM

Insurance Companies can be very difficult to cope with. I suggest bringing in an unbiased contractor to have a look and give you a proper quote on the work and cost needed to repair the damaged tiles. Also, at the same time have them discuss the hole in the floor from 2005 and if they are sure that it was done incorrectly then take that to the insurance company and perhaps have them cover the entirety of the job.

Often it is not easier or cheaper to replace a few tiles. If they are unable to match them it may be required to completely redo the entire floor.

Good Luck with you repairs.

Thank you,

Sherri & Dustin Depatie

Seamless Finishing Inc.

Office : 780-760-3852

Sherri : 780-297-0986

Dustin : 780-885-2231

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Ramandeep from Fat Boy Renovation in Regina
Date/Time6/20/2012 at 2:05:53 AM

I think that ur insurance company is right the hole u got in bottom off tub has nada to do with ur tiles.

i can only think off 2 good reasons, 1st is that maybe the tile is not install proper or its cheap tile some time we drop things on floor and if its cheap tile it wood crack and u wont see that crack until the tile is soak in water or whoever installed the tile let air pocket means not even or not enuf motor under the tile or u had ground movement now that can crack anything in basement.

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Date/Time6/21/2012 at 3:42:59 PM

We all know the tiles were not because of the hot water tank, but the hole in the floor is still the responsibility of the insurance company.

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Chris in Edmonton
Date/Time6/21/2012 at 6:20:07 PM

There is no doubt that the tiles cracked the same afternoon as the HW tank flooded beneath the tub. The missing concrete under the tub continues out of sight right under the face of the tiled tub surround and under the cracked tiles. There was an awful lot of water in the basement flood and two inches in the utility room that has access to the tub. Couldn't that much water seeping under the foundation cause the ground movement (swelling) that Ramandeep mentioned? I dunno. Someone finally said they can take a look on the 27th.

Also Randy... sealing a concrete floor is different than re-filling a hole with concrete, isn't it? Is re-filling removed concrete required by code? Or just considered not okay? I meant "replaced" rather than "re-sealed" when I asked before.

I really appreciate all your responses.

Thank you.

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Chris in Edmonton
Date/Time6/28/2012 at 6:06:46 PM

Here's an update.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada said that the cracked tiles may have been there for years.

The bathroom renovators didn't show up. Had to re-book.

Thanks for all your past responses.

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Date/Time12/2/2012 at 3:24:30 PM

We find a lot of short cuts that have been taken on prep work. I feel that the prep work is worth 50% of the total job when it comes to flooring.

Hope you got it worked out though.

Cracked tiles due to improper install?

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