Front Entrance is Kitchen

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Posted by: from Thompson
3/21/2008 at 12:43:21 AM

I am trying to find a way to seperate my front entrance from directly being in my kitchen. I get so annoyed when I sit down for diner and am staring at a large mess of jackets, shoes, there is no closet and no room to build unless I use my kitchen area. I do not have a large budget to do changes, but does anybody have some advise on somehow seperating the spaces without taking my kitchen area over completely.

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In Home Details in Guelph
Date/Time3/21/2008 at 10:40:46 AM

It's so hard when house designs don't match with our daily living needs.

My suggestion from a non-construction viewpoint is to make/buy a folding screen which you can place in front of the clutter you don't want to be looking at as you eat, but is easily removed/folded out of the way when you need access to that space.

I"m sure others will have more to offer too.



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Ferris Contracting in Barrie
Date/Time3/22/2008 at 9:59:31 PM

Move your front door(if possible) to another location.

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John in Ottawa
Date/Time4/20/2008 at 5:58:08 AM

You could put up a stud wall between the front door and kitchen. This would make a seperate hall so that you cannot see all the clutter, Angie.

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Grace in Vancouver
Date/Time4/27/2008 at 1:42:10 PM

I agree with Myra's suggestion-- it might be cheaper and doesn't even have to be the oriental folding screens. Just get a folding screen to separate the areas. Good luck!

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Date/Time3/4/2009 at 10:01:28 PM

Front entrance in kitchen,

Two ideas if possible, one install a pocket door and two if you have been to any motels lately I saw one bathroom that had a door hinged so it opened up against the wall but just latched magnetically so it could provide a false division between the shower area and the dressing room portion. You could have it so it is opaque glass so the light would still shine through but it disguises the mess.

Good Luck

Elaine @

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