General Cost to have cupboards painted and re done?

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Posted by: from Kingston
8/27/2011 at 2:35:58 PM

This is for eight small drawers and twenty two doors, five of the doors are very small half doors.

I had this done in December. I painted the frame using BM oil paint and sent out the doors and drawers to be done. I provided the primer and paint AND did all the cleaning of doors and drawers with tsp first then cleaning all that off. Painter did not use the paint I provided. Did not prep with any primer and used latex on doors and drawers. This began peeling within a week. I can take a fingernail lightly over it and paint just comes right up. NOW I'm stuck having to get this job re done.

The frame I painted the right way is fine and looks great. His part of the job is just ruined. What would be a reasonable, general cost to get these doors and drawers redone. This is an extremely small kitchen with the amount of doors and drawers I listed. They are solid maple. I want to get a general idea as one man has quoted me extremely high and another really low I think. I do not want to risk being out my money again for such shoddy work but, this must be re done. I have attached a picture of the work this "painter" did on my cupboards.

general cost to have cupboards painted and re done?
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Date/Time10/2/2011 at 10:16:36 PM

Hello..We have done a number of these projects and you cannot get a professional job by "repainting". First step is that the cabinets and counters have to be in excellent condition. No professional will try to repaint the doors. The proper approach is to have new doors and hardware made at a cabinet shop that does this work to reflect the exisiting doors or maybe a new look. The cabinets themselves "if in top condition" can be repainted with melamine paint either sprayed or rolled on with the appropriate roller/brush. The cost of new doors and hardware will generally cost the contractor $60ea. and will be costed to the Client for $120ea....the cabinets will run at least $1500-$2,000 paint supplies incl. Total project in our experience for a typical average kitchen system has run $3500-$4500 with very good results. If you need counters and/or a new backsplash expect to add another $2500 and up to this. Bear in mind refurbished kitchen cabinets like this will never look like off the "showroom floor"..but is a good alternative to the budget minded or rental owner who does not want to spend $10,000 and up for brand new cabinets/counters installed. Cheers!

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K. in Guelph
Date/Time10/27/2012 at 1:52:55 PM

I had my cabintes updated from Oak to Colonial white. I took all the drawyers and doors to a professional cabinet maker. They stripped, sanded, primed and then spray painted them all. The results were fantastic.

I think the trick is to have a pro do it. Friends who painted there own with brishes or rollers ended up with a cheap look.

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