Glass shower sweeper

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Posted by: from Ayr
11/10/2012 at 8:17:11 AM

We bought a house with a glass shower enclosure. However the sweeper...the rubber piece between the glass on bottom and sides are becoming discoloured and the bottom is ripping. I don't know what to do.

Most glass shower enclosures don't seem to have this "sweeper", is what I'm told it's called.

Do I need to replace the whole enclosure?

glass shower sweeper
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David from Chetco Homes in Fort Erie
Date/Time11/10/2012 at 9:46:10 AM

Help may be on the way. Did you try a box store like Home depot for a retro replacement. The seal just slides in a grove from the side. Try a plumbing supply store. It is out there, just have to look. Something close will work. It just has to direct the water away from the door.

Good luck

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Date/Time11/10/2012 at 10:05:13 AM

Good Morning:

Go to a shop that specializes in selling home windows, mirrors and glass. They also sell shower enclosures, doors and do safety glass for shower enclosures. The problem is that most people figure that the box stores have and know everything.

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Date/Time11/10/2012 at 10:38:18 AM

We just remodeled our master ensuite with a glass shower door. We did not install the sweeper on the bottom but water does splash out underneath onto the floor.

I'm an interior decorator and personally, I do not like the appearance of a bottom sweeper for the very reasons you have described.

In answer to your question, you do not need to replace the entire enclosure. The sweeper is either pressed into place or siliconed and you should be able to remove it with quite easily using a utility knife to cut the seal or by simply pulling it off. Using a razor blade flat against the glass will remove any remaining residue.

I would recommend reinstalling the sweepers along the sides but leave the bottom until you determine if it's necessary or not. If the sill is installed correctly (on a slight angle into the shower basin) you may not require a bottom sweeper.

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Date/Time11/10/2012 at 10:48:39 AM

No, you do not need to replace the glass enclosure, its typical that these "sweeps" as they are called get crusty with age, minerals and all the wonderful stuff folks use in the shower, even exposure to sunlight will discolor them over time.

What you simply need to do is pry off the sweep from the door edge gently and towards the hinge side, it may be fastened to glass with silicone, you can score the edges with a knife very gently, once you get the sweep off look for a glass supplier who sells these bits, shower doors canada in etobicoke is one supplier, classic glass in vaughn is another, you can google a supplier in your area. Just bring the old door sweep with you when you go to supplier as you may have either 10mm(3/8") or 8mm glass and they will sell you a replacement sweep of same size.

Now when you reinstall just slide the end of sweep to hinge side so it is flush with door glass edge and then push it up a little at a time til you get to the door opening edge, remember be gentle and patient, just note that the new fins will be tight when you close door, you will likely have to close door all the way.

Expect to have to replace that sweep every 5 years or so depending on frequency of use.

Bob Beal

Artisan Bathrooms

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Date/Time12/2/2012 at 3:28:32 PM

I had the same problem last year. I picked up the replacement at Home Depot. I suggest taking a piece off so that you can show them though, just in case they don't have an expert around.

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Date/Time1/20/2013 at 11:13:51 AM

Any glass shop can help you with this.

They are sold often in 10' lengths but I'm sure you can by a short off cut from a glass store.

Try here in Vancouver

Island Glass (Brent) 604-618-3344

or Bill's Glass on main (604) 873-3978


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