Leaky shower? peeling paint form ceiling?

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Posted by: from Calgary
5/25/2010 at 11:35:23 PM

Can anyone tell me how does a shower leaks when all the right products and instalation were used and doneConcreteboard rubber membranesand kerdi?. Paint peeled on ceiling.

Fix it scraped peeling paint mudded again primed and painted,still peeling Why? Can anyone give answers or solutions Please

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Jeremy from Laurel Group Inc. in Baden
Date/Time6/7/2010 at 10:31:57 PM

My question would be why do you have a painted ceiling in a shower. Yes if in fact you have all the proper products in the shower, like a concrete board or better yet a Densheild along with a Kerdi membrane then tile and it is done properly, then you should have no problems. But why is the ceiling left un-tiled? The moisture in the shower needs to go somewhere and the painted surface at the top of the shower is the perfect spot for it to go. A bathroom fan will not eliminate it fast enough unless you increase the size of the fan. Better yet, I would redo the ceiling to allow for proper tile installation. If you have some pictures of the shower that would be great.

Leaky shower? peeling paint form ceiling?
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Date/Time6/8/2010 at 10:29:23 AM

I am sorry the ceiling is in another bathroom upstairs which was already peeling when we got there.This bathroom is a regular three piece Tub toilet vanity. It is still peeling after we did all we can do besides new drywall. Costumer did not want to repaint walls

( done prior) .I do not understand why it would be still peeling did we miss something .Venting is outside.

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Revamp Construction in Saskatoon
Date/Time1/25/2011 at 2:31:44 PM

Check the CFM (cubic feet / minute) rating of the fan. Is the bathroom a standard 40 SF or larger. generally match or go greater with the cfm to the room, ie 65 SF = 65+ CFM.

Also, I would strap the ceiling, install new drywall, then prime & paint (not texture), it will not peel.

Another problem could be a very low ceiling, as such the shower door is too close to the ceiling trapping the moisture.

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Date/Time1/25/2011 at 10:11:24 PM

If all the right procedures have been done to the ceiling such as remove and replace drywall, new drywall primer (left to dry for at least a day), 2 coats of kitchen and bath paint and still peeling. Change your fan to an energy efficient fan no less than 90 FCM (works well all the time) seal it properly in the attic. Check if the the bathroom ceiling has VB and sufficient insulation because if it doesn't, this might be the problem specially with cold temperatures.

If you are not letting it dry long enough between coats of mud and paint, this may also be the problem. Good luck.

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Date/Time2/14/2011 at 12:44:23 AM

Try using washing the ceiling with TSP and then sand the entire ceiling.

let it dry then use a high quality conversion primer/sealer (oil to latex) and let that dry before fixing / filling. the bond is only as good as what you are attaching to.


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Date/Time2/14/2011 at 12:48:27 AM

Leaky shower: if everything was done right, even without all the "right" materials ie: densheild, schluter etc. it shouldn't leak. check your plumbing fixtures and solder joints. Even high quality fixtures can occasionally be defective from the factory.


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Date/Time2/14/2011 at 12:49:21 AM

Leaky shower: if everything was done right, even without all the "right" materials ie: densheild, schluter etc. it shouldn't leak. check your plumbing fixtures and solder joints. Even high quality fixtures can occasionally be defective from the factory.


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Darwin from Sniper Developments in Acme
Date/Time2/18/2011 at 6:58:45 PM

Hi Jane, sorry your post is a bit unclear, is the problem in the shower itself or from a fixture or piping upstairs in the roof.

The water piping should be in the wall behind the taps and nothing should be in the ceiling at all. If there is a tub or shower directly above the one with the problen it could be a leak in drain piping or water supply, leaking on to the lower ceiling and causing seepage on to drywall. From your description and the fact that you do drywall and did not chose to replace the ceiling I would have to suspect the issue to be simply too much moisture in the exhisting bathroom. As the other posters have stated the fan could be upgraded to a larger one. One thing that I have done in many instances is install raw cedar tongue and groove on the ceiling and trim with raw hemlock. This will absorbe moisture when the shower is hoyt and release it during the day, thus alleviating your moisture problem and peeling problems as well. Also it has a pleasent aroma. Now please understand this is a preventative measure not a fix. Remove the peeling paint and seal the drywall with a good moisture resistant and mildew resistant coating such as killz or equivalent to avoid mold or mildew from previous exposure. All of this is only if there is not a physical leak above or lateral to the ceiling running into the problem area but seeing as the drywall dosent seem to be damaged above then this should help. I would still recommend the larger CFM fan as well.

I am in your area please feel free to contact me as necessary.

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Darwin Eaket

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