Positioning toilet in small bathroom

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Posted by: from Mississauga
10/12/2007 at 10:22:03 AM

I just had our new toilet put in and it seems that they left a 2 inch gap between the wall and the back of the toilet. Does anyone know what is standard or appropriate?? It looks like a waste of space to me especially with the need for room in front of the toilet (for extra leg room)The toilet in our other bath has less than 1/2 an inch space. THanks for your feedback.

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Dave in Mississauga
Date/Time10/12/2007 at 10:23:40 AM

I have never seen more than a fraction of an inch behind a toilet.

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Date/Time10/15/2007 at 6:19:56 PM

if they did not replace the toilet flange( which is more work, and not necessary unless damaged), your new toilet may be smaller than the old one, so it would seem farther than before, but 2 inches sounds a bit much. Maybe they installed a 10 inch bowl on a 12 inch flange?

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Date/Time10/17/2007 at 3:01:51 AM

I would agree with Barna. Your new toilet may have different specs than your old one.

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Date/Time11/4/2007 at 5:42:48 PM

2 inches is too much, and it is wasted space. But it all depends on toilet size.

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Date/Time11/24/2007 at 6:07:11 PM

Measure the distance from the toilet mounting bolts to the back wall it should be the standard 12". If not there's your problem.

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Date/Time12/9/2007 at 9:24:52 PM

It might of been that there was a floor joist in the way to ruffin the toilet flang to 13" off the unfinshed wall.So they may of had to ruffin at

14 1/2" there has been many times i have see and done that. For you can not cut 3" out of the top of a floor joist anywhere on it you can drill it out of the center. But that most of the time will not help the plumber who ruffed it in.But the plumber should of said something to you. He or she would of known if they were lic to do plumbing for toilet ruffins you learn in plumbing kindergarden. But the only thing i can say you MIGHT be able to do. Is get an off set toilet flange and put it back with that. But good luck

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