Removing Granite Countertop

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Posted by: from Ajax
2/28/2013 at 10:33:37 PM

Doing a kitchen reno and I need to remove the existing granite countertop (sadly!). I've read that you might be able to remove it by working a guitar string between the granite and the under-mounting.

I will try this but I'm a bit skeptical because there are so many angles and turns when the counter changes direction etc.. Still, it would be nice to save the granite -- or some of it for donation to Habitat for Humanity or something.

Does anyone have any suggestions or is this a hopeless cause?!

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Paul & Barb from Northern Marble and Granite in Temagami
Date/Time3/1/2013 at 7:43:16 AM

Removing a granite countertop is not a hopeless cause. It is recommended, however, to hire a reputable GRANITE FABRICATOR/INSTALLER to assist with this endeavour.

Depending how the granite was originally affixed to the cabinets, your granite may be removed without breaking. But, there are no guarantees.

Utilizing the service and expertise of a professional granite company is beneficial in that they have experience in how to handle the granite properly so that the chances of breakage is minimized.

Also, if you do want to re-purpose the granite, you will need a professional granite person to re-fabricate your tops to your new configuration, and for the granite to be properly re-installed.

Do your homework. Not every "granite company" has the skill to execute this task. The devil is in the details. Always get reliable references.

Best of luck with your renovation project!

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Felicia in Ajax
Date/Time3/1/2013 at 8:03:39 AM

Thanks for your feedback...In fact, I have contacted the company that put in the granite but I have yet to hear back from them.

Another source suggests using a drill and drilling holes through the supporting structure up to the granite at regular intervals. Apparently, if you get the drilled holes just right it serves to loosen the granite as you slowly drill each hole, one by one, a bit deeper...(Ah...Nope, you're right. I'll keep looking for a company! )

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Date/Time3/1/2013 at 9:06:06 AM

Hi Felicia,

You may want to call Habitat directly. Here in York Region they have a couple of crews that do kitchen removals and may have some experience in removing granite. I don't know what the set up is in Ajax but it may be worth a call.

Good Luck with it!

Jim Kuzma

Kettleby Handyman Services

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Felicia in Ajax
Date/Time3/1/2013 at 6:36:20 PM

Thanks for your suggestion about Habitat but I already contacted them. They sent a rep. who informed me that his crew consists of retirees who would probably have trouble managing the heavy granite. He is more or less convinced that they wouldn't be able to get it out intact. Moreover, he says that the lower cabinets will be destroyed in the process.

The whole thing renders it too labour intensive, he says, to make it worth their while...

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Date/Time3/3/2013 at 8:01:08 AM

Hello Felicia,

We always tell are customers that there is no guarenty when removing granit but one method we have been very succesfull with is a tool called a Dremmel. This can be purchased at any Large tool store " Home Depot" , "Rona" it about a $100.00 dollards. With a vibrating blade made for wood and Metal you can cut the Silicon that is clued between the granit and the top of the cabinets.

Hope this helps.

Rene Rozon

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