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Replacing an old bathtub

3/7/2012 at 10:02:04 PM

Is it possible to replace an old cast iron 1970's bathtub without having to remove the tiled shower surround? It's the only shower/bathtub that I have in my condo and I've been reluctant to have it fully remodelled for fear of not having a place to shower for many weeks.

The bathroom was checked for mould after a leak in the unit above and there are no mould problems behind the walls of the shower, so it seems a shame to rip out the mosaic tile floor and ceramic tile tub surround just to replace a chipped bathtub. I had the bathtub refinished by a well known company in the GTA, but there are already a few chips in the bottom of the tub a year later.

3/7/2012 at 10:55:24 PM

Hi Michelle, in most cases, a tiled wall will overlap the top edge of a tub enough so that at least the bottom row of tiles will have to be removed and replaced if the tub has to be removed. If the replacement tub is exactly the same size and footprint, it may be possible to do the replacement without damaging the floor.

You may want to see if you can find the receipt / warranty from the tub refinishing company. I had one of mine done a few years ago and haven't had any problems but I seem to recall that it came with a 5 year warranty on workmanship and materials.

You could put the details in the "post your project" section and get some local responses. After looking at the project, they could tell you what can or can't be done.

Good Luck with it!

Jim Kuzma

Kettleby Handyman Services

3/7/2012 at 11:13:31 PM

Thanks for the advice!