Screwy bathtub

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Posted by: from Coquitlam
10/13/2008 at 4:54:52 PM

In my basement suite the people before installed a tub that does not butt up against the wall, and no proper shower rails, so when the shower is on water goes between wall and tub. Do we need to re- do this or is it easter to move the tub - there is tile around it.

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Ultimate Renovation in Mount Brydges
Date/Time11/2/2008 at 8:55:38 PM

remove tiles ,,re-drywall with denshield 1/2 to protect walls in shower and re tile ,,,if you want to move the tub ,,,you will need to move plumbing ...the control and shower head ,,,center tub ,,,,if not its going to be off center and look bad.Water problem is the last thing you want to deal with..tanks

Ultimate renovation

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Abba's Service in Huntsville
Date/Time11/7/2008 at 12:06:51 AM

Hi I do jobs just like this and the thing is, how long has this been going on you might have a mold problem. When your going to replace tiles and tile backing board there is some things you should know before doing this. Keep aware for mold issue you can read about it on the internet. If there is mold gut the hole bathroom. If you just replace tiles and boards and there is mold chances are you will be redoing the job again in a couple of years. save money and do it right the first time!

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Bill from Dr. Reno in Toronto
Date/Time11/11/2008 at 11:20:01 AM

Hello Julie,

My first recommendation is to remove the whole tub/tile area to see what kind of damage has occurred (ie. mold, rot etc.). If finances do not allow for this, then I suggest sealing all areas with a Kitchen and Bathroom sealant or refrain from using the shower until you have the funds to re. and re. your tub and tile area. There is a very good possibility that you have problems behind your walls. Sorry for the inconvenient truth. Better to nip household problems in the butt before they become more costly. The cost in my estimation to re. and re. your tub area would be somewhere between 3 - 4k including new tub, tile and fixtures (just an idea - of course type of materials will affect price). Hope this helps.

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Abba's Service in Huntsville
Date/Time11/11/2008 at 6:18:35 PM

I don't know about some reno's people but it cost more than 3-4k to do any bathroom. I don't know this company that say's they could do this job for that price. A new tub is around at least $1000. depending on the size. New tiles 2000.00 you figure it out. Average cost for hole bathroom jobs is at least $10,000 and up from almost every renovation guy! Think first before you hire a renovation specialist.

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Bill from Dr. Reno in Toronto
Date/Time11/11/2008 at 10:34:51 PM

Michael, I did not say that our company would do the job. It seemed to me that Julie was asking for some advice.

Julie, have a look at your local building supply center to source a bathtub and tiles to get an idea for yourself on what it will cost for materials. You can pick up a descent tub for under $400. and tiles, for 85 square feet (shower enclosure only - if it is a standard 5' x 2.5')....well, have a look for yourself. You can even check online.

As far as using a search engine to determine whether or not a renovation company is qualified or not is hogwash! The companies that show up in the top of the lists on google, yahoo etc. have paid for a marketing campaign package and continue to pay on a monthly basis for this service. It is not the renovators work that is drawing hits to the sight.

Michael, yes, a full bathroom reno would run 8k and up. However, we did not determine whether or not a full gut would be necessary in such a short conversation.

Michael, on another note.....I noticed in a different posting that you do not bad mouth other companies because it is "bad business". I think you better take you own advice.

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Abba's Service in Huntsville
Date/Time11/12/2008 at 12:00:23 AM

I am sorry But what it sounds to me is she wanted a more and she wanted to make sure the job was done right. I did not mean any offense to you Reno. I do bathroom renovations a lot. If I hurt your feelings I am sorry. 9 out of ten times I will tell a customer it is better to start from scratch. If a good tub costs $400 dollars then it will cost you $800 to install it. And the truth is A $400 tub is not really good. For $600 they can get a whirlpool tub and don't forget the installation charge. $1000 would get them a great tub installed. Tiles I prefer to stay away from cheap tiles. You know the old saying cheap is not always better. When you spend $2000 on tiles you will be getting marble, granite, slate, and not the cheap stuff. to install tiles that are cheap it would still be around $2000.00. adhesive, tile boards not cheap and don't forget grout. 3-4 I don't think so but it is your business. When I give an estimate I give them the bottom line. It would be at least $5000.00 + GST. Period. I will not even do a job of that nature less than that. So better put yourself in check!

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Julie in Coquitlam
Date/Time11/12/2008 at 12:43:16 AM

Thanks so much for all of your advice. In this case I was lucky as the shower had never been used - it is in our basement suite the previous owners started doing the suite but then sold it.....Once again thanks for the tips!

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