Sewer Gas Smell in 1 of 2 Bathrooms(?)

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Posted by: from Toronto
7/29/2013 at 12:17:49 PM

Alright experts... please help a girl without a clue:

I just (July 1/13) moved into a rental with two renovated bathrooms (I checked the pipes' black plastic with P-valves in the right spots). The main bathroom, which is the NEWER of the two, located in a built-out back section of the structure (think 1930's, 3-storey walk-ups of old Toronto), has the worst smell, which is also emanating from a common basement entrance (also at the back).

As no other drains are affected, the ensuite bath and kitchen smells just fine; AND I have checked the P-valves and they were indeed wet... WHAT IS GOING ON?

I hate calling my landlord but I can't just keep closing the door and flushing with ZEP Build-Up remover. Really, I just don't want to get sick...


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James from JNJ Cabinets in Riverview
Date/Time7/29/2013 at 4:04:15 PM

Please CALL the landlord, sewer gas can make you very sick (it's dangerous). Don't wait call now.

James D.

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Date/Time7/29/2013 at 7:22:30 PM

Meg, I agree with James.

It may be as simple as a clogged drain (allowing for some drainage but not total flow) or it could be worse.

I have fixed a drain where I had to cut the pipe and the bottom half was plugged with grease, hair, foor items and bobby pins, etc. If you situation is similar, the Zep product helps but won't do a complete job.

What is required, in my case, was snake (Tool that is inserted into the drain and has a -sort of - hook on the front end.) The snake is forced through the pipe and the mess inside and dislodges a good amount of the blockage.

This is an option for you to try if you don't want to get the land lord involved. You can rent a plumbers snake from Home depot or other similar stores.

Good luck

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Robert from Electrilight Ltd. in Oakville
Date/Time7/29/2013 at 8:22:16 PM

Two things not to mess with in a home, electricity and waste gases (methane) are highly explosive and in a contained room with lights and switches could cause an explosion!

Keep the fresh air circulating as much as possible and GET IT FIXED! If it is not right, someone can get very sick or worse. The chemicals you are flushing is just adding to the mix of gases.

Call a plumber asap.

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Date/Time7/29/2013 at 11:06:59 PM

Call the landlord to get the pipes snaked and flushed ASAP!

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Ariel from Plumber Bros in Toronto
Date/Time7/30/2013 at 2:31:47 PM

Based on my experience its probably a non trapped plumbing fixture or you have an open vent or drain ( not caped ) inside those walls.

Ariel from Plumber Bros

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