Shower stall drywall

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Posted by: from London
11/12/2009 at 3:03:07 PM

Just wanted to find out if it is a somewhat common occurence to have a shower wall cave. It is drywall covered in subway tiles. It occurred between the studs, and there was an adult size person leaning on the area at the time of the event. The shower is only 14 months old, and we were told by our contractor that it wasn't water/moisture damage. I've only seen/heard of drywall cave under extreme force like a punch or a kick . I'm really interested in finding out if this is true since most people we've asked say they don't believe drywall will cave unless there's a problem with the construction, or hit with powerful and intentional force.

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Ken Mollan Contracting in Surrey
Date/Time11/27/2009 at 12:14:46 AM

Hi Mary-Anne,

This is not normal with out significant force unless there is an uderlying problem (wet drywall or?) I can't say for sure what the cause of your situation is without seeing it first hand or maybe by photos. However, the stud spacing should be minimum 16" and ideally 12" behind tubs and shower. Next, regular drywall should not be used in this area as it will take on moisture aad will end up with mildew/mold and breakdown. There should be an aqua board or better yet, concrete board or denshield, on the walls in this area. Taped joints then tile, grout, and then sealed.

I won't say the contractor has done something wrong because I can't see it first hand. But this should not happen under normal circumstances especially with the tile in place.

Sorry for your misfortune.

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Mary-Anne in London
Date/Time2/12/2010 at 9:33:57 AM

Thank you Ken,

Unfortunately we had to hire someone else to come in and finish the repair job. We couldn't get any further response from the original contractor, who left us with part of the shower wall torn down, and an unusable shower. Not only that, but failing to return to complete the repair, he would not respond to a request to get our key back - another additional cost for us to change the locks. This went on for approximately 6 weeks!

Incidentally the shower stall has been since repaired by the alternative contractor at our cost and he indicated that it probably occurred as a result of the tile work done - too much pressure in the corner of the wall...

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