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Posted by: from Penticton
10/1/2009 at 4:03:47 PM

We're considering renovating two bathrooms. One will be a shower-tub and another just a shower. We're low maintenance, no-frill people who care more about function than looks. We're having deciding on what material to use for the walls.

As it is a reno we cannot use the products where the tub and wall or shower and wall are one piece because it can't go through a door.

I am aware of the more popular options:

1. Bath and shower systems that come in severals pieces that you lock together and will have some seams and grout work to do. And acrylic I heard is better than fibreglass because the colour goes right through but can get scratch?

2. Tiles with larger grout so it's easier to clean. But I don't which type of tile is best.

Does anyone know of any other options? What would you consider if you want something that is low maintenance.


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Date/Time10/4/2009 at 5:01:38 PM

Hi Hugh- there are a few options available to you- but there will be a bit of upkeep involved- its a bathroom. You did not mention a budget, so here are a couple of options-

-marble wall/ceiling panels(man made)- expensive but probably the easiest to maintain.

-3 pce tub/shower- don't cheap out though- look for a brand called 'Fiberez'- they have a silicone seal built into the unit where it bolts together- one of the best units I've ever had the pleasure to install. Pricey, but worth every penny.

-ceramic tile- the bigger the tile the less grout to maintain.

-tub surround- not my choice but if you look around there are some nicer ones available- easy to install & maintain, easier on the wallet.

I know this one sounds off the wall, but about 15 years ago I had a client put linoleum flooring on her tub/shower walls & she swears its holding up great.

All of these will work for you. Best maintanance tip I can leave you with: 'Tilex'- great product- after the last shower of the day, spray down the walls/floor of shower area and walk away. Hope some of this helps.

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Hugh in Penticton
Date/Time10/5/2009 at 12:46:00 AM


That does help! Thank you so much. Regarding the 'Fiberez' product you speak of. I can only find the sealing product no it's bath/shower system. Can you provide a link or a contact information. Hopefully they have a dealer in Vancouver

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Date/Time10/23/2009 at 6:22:18 PM

Hi Hugh- sorry about the long reply time- things are extremely hectic these days.

I don't have a link for you but any upscale plumbing supply should know the name. I used to get mine from an outfit called 'Bardon Supply'- google them & see if they have an outlet near you. Good luck.

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Date/Time10/28/2009 at 6:12:40 PM

The problem with the one piece or 3 piece shower system is that it looks great in a show room setting but over all not a great product (my opinion). Walls must be absolutely straight for it to stick on properly. I suggest to do it right wood studs, concrete boards, ceramic tiles (seal grout lines so no need to clean).

Hope this helps.

Asaf Halperin

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Hugh in Penticton
Date/Time10/28/2009 at 11:23:56 PM


If I'm using a 3 piece shower set, why would I need tiling?

If you don't like the idea then can you recommend what I should do?


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Hugh in Penticton
Date/Time10/28/2009 at 11:25:10 PM

one more thing,

Our local store gave us quotes for Maax, Hytec and Venco

Maax if I want acrylic 2 piece tub/shower with wall

Hytec for gelcoat 2 piece tub/shower with wall


Venco for 36 x36 gelcoat 2 pce shower stall

Any opnions on those brands?

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Date/Time10/29/2009 at 7:42:20 AM

1 question for Asaf- if you install a 3 pce tub/shower unit, what exactly are you 'sticking on'? Once the unit is installed, you simply trim around it- if installed properly, it should look/last great for years, and will outlast tile for maintenance. Perhaps you are thinking of 'Bathfitters' who mold a tub/walls to fit inside the existing.

Hugh- other 3 pce units to consider are Maxx, Mirolin and I'm sure that even American Standard now have these units available. Fibrez was the 1 unit I found to be so much better than the rest- even the overall look of these units said 'class', and its always nice to hear the positive feedback from all the clients I have installed these for. The other names I left here are worth checking out- they are all big companies whose reputations stand up to their products. Never heard of Hytec or Venco.

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Date/Time10/30/2009 at 7:43:56 AM

Hugh- try these #'s:

Fiberez Bathware, 235 Saunders Dr.

Box 1057, Cornwall, Ont. K6H 5V2


Toll free 800-463-2779- you should be able to link to their site by punching in the name- they should let you know where their products are available. Good luck

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