Would you reuse a shower valve when relocating a shower?

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Posted by: from Bradford
1/25/2015 at 10:43:39 AM

We are planning to remove our existing shower enclosure and install a shower with tub at a different location in the bathroom. When we look for shower fixtures we've noticed that most don't include a shower valve.

Is it common, or possible, to re-use the valve from the previous installation with adapters from a shower fixture kit, or would a new valve be required to be installed with the new plumbing lines?

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Date/Time1/25/2015 at 11:15:34 AM


You need to have this conversation with your plumber. If you're inquiring about re-using the old 3 handle fixtures, then most likely yes. But you need to look at the quality of the old pipes and valves. It might just mean cutting the pipes off at the source and attaching them to the new feeds. I would also suggest opening up your valves and replacing the washers and seats while you're at it.

Keep in mind, manually adjusting the water temp with the separate valves might be fine until someone flushes the toilet. That's why I recommend people upgrading to the mixer valves to keep the temp regulated while you're showering.

Good luck.

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Date/Time1/25/2015 at 11:20:02 AM

Chris & Daina,

I would suggest getting new everything. You can re-use items but it may be like putting old tires on a new vehicle, ... it just a matter of time. Old items only last for so long. You may be fine but if you are up grading everything else why not do a complete job. If for no other reason,it would give you peace of mind.


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Date/Time1/25/2015 at 11:23:07 AM

Hi Chris,

If the shower controls are that old that's fine but if they old then buy new ones because if you are spending that much money on a new bathroom don't take short cuts.


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Date/Time1/25/2015 at 7:53:42 PM

I think it would be prudent to upgrade to a posi-temp valve at this time. In general, I do not re-use old fixtures Why? Because they are used and usually have done their time. A brand new noscald valve will make everyone, guests, children and most important you, confident and happy!

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Date/Time1/25/2015 at 10:03:40 PM

Hi Chris & Daina,

Although it may save you a few hundred dollars I would recommend replacing the valve. After the initial cost of the install with new tub, new tile, tile backer and waterproofing etc it will be worth it. As a cost comparison a new shower valve, rain shower head and tub spout I regularly fit costs $275 + tax

Good luck!


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Richard in Maple Ridge
Date/Time1/25/2015 at 10:49:03 PM

Absolutely replace the valve and lines, as much as possible!

I have been a plumber for enough years to retire now and have seen many people spend so much time and money on cosmetics without replacing the necessities of what gets them the hot and cold water to and from the shower stall or enclosure in the first place.

Depending on the age of your piping and valves, they are probably wearing from the inside out, and you will not know that until its too late. The cost of doing this work now is minimal compared to opening up walls later.

As far as re-using the valve and just changing the trim kit to something more modern if you are on a tight budget, it might work, but should be plan B, preferably plan C!

Honestly, your question is a little confusing, so I hope that I answered what you were actually asking.

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Date/Time1/27/2015 at 5:49:51 PM

Hi Chris and Daina,

I'll keep the answer simple and direct. For multiple reasons that have already been posted most definitely install a new valve and controls.

Plus, its all new!!!!

Enjoy the new shower guys.

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