Basement Floor Cracks

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1/16/2008 at 12:54:28 PM

We have a 18 year old home in river park south. Our basement floor seems to have more than normal craking and heaving. We are considering finishing the basement and want to ensure we handle/fix the basement floor if required. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

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Delta Handyman Services in Delta
Date/Time1/19/2008 at 1:18:37 AM

Often times basements floors only receive a "skim coat" of concrete, just so you can walk on it without getting dirty and so you may store your summer lawn chairs and garden hose, etc.

I would recommend that you have a few sections broken up to see how thick it is. If it is a fairly thin coat (less than two inches thick) then you would likely be better off breaking it all up, leaving it in place (will ensure there are no weak spots), placing some wire mesh (used for driveways) so it is strong and does not crack, then put a good 4 inches of concrete in place to ensure not too much moisture comes through and you should be good to go.

If you are wanting to put in a washroom or bar sink, then you will want to do the plumbing work before the concrete is in place

Lastly, I recommend having a couple of drains installed (with a backup float) so in the event of flooding in your home, the water has somewhere to go.

You will need to work with a Concrete Co. General Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Dry Wall Co. and Painter to do this job. If I were you, hire a General Contractor; someone who knows these trades and can get the work done efficiently, but be sure this is a person that will also be doing some of the work as the cost for doing the General Contractor can be at times lower because the General Contractor will not be billing double for their time for the trade that they contribute.

Hope that helps!

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Home Handy in Kelowna
Date/Time1/25/2008 at 2:10:59 PM

It sounds as though your tile around the foundation has failed, the result is a freeze/thaw under the pad. You did not mention flooding so it's doubtfull your main drain is the culprit. Contact a professional Basement Leak Company. I am toronto based and can only suggest a local professional. You may want to contact "The Basement Guy" located in Brampton

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Spidy in Whitecourt
Date/Time4/21/2008 at 12:53:29 PM

do as you planned, but call some experienced people to do it for you if you don't feel like doing it and fear of making a mess. i think you can ask them to make a external cover as it might help.

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