Contract and warranties/no actions

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6/26/2011 at 1:40:27 PM

We have a problem with both the general contractor and trade(stucco company) not answering our requests for work that needs to be completed. It's been almost two months since we asked the gen. contractor to contact the trades man to fix what is wrong with the work. The contract stipulates that we have a 2 year warranty, but nothing is being upheld it seems. Is there anything I could do? We are feeling that we are being played with.

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Date/Time8/1/2011 at 1:22:10 AM

Get a lawyer.

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Elsa in Scarborough
Date/Time8/3/2011 at 1:20:41 PM

Do you know any good lawyers who fight for homeowners rights? I think there are some pretty bad contractors who look the other way and play dumb like the one I hired no too long ago. If someone isn't happy with the work that's been done, then the contractor in my opionion if he has integrity will ensure that he corrects the problem for the homeowner rather than avoiding and making up stories.

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Norman in Ottawa
Date/Time8/10/2011 at 3:18:28 PM

"If you want to build a solid foundation, "begin with trust" . If your contractor, General Contractor or whoever has been a member of the BBB for 4-5 years or longer, your chances for a successful relationship have improved exponentially. Problems are inevitable in construction projects. Homeowners are under the mistaken belief that they are sufficiently equipped with the knowledge and applicable experience to properly deal with contractors in all areas. The gap between parties will always exist, just like the gap between a doctor (specialist) and a patient. As a result, simple problems with simple solutions can turn very quickly into large complex problems, with no solutions. That's when and why it's important to have a mediation process on the back burner (neutral mediator), someone whose job it is to interpret the rule book and who knows and sets boundaries, as well is capable of assisting all parties to the best possible mediated solutions. In the end, the negotiated results will be fair to all parties and the bonus is that both parties benefit from the experience. An Accredited BBB business member is obligated by the rules of membership to respond to any inquiries, within a reasonable time frame (usually a week), otherwise their membership will be withdrawn. As well, they're hard earned reputation will suffer if they don't respond (on file for 3 full years)so beginning the process of settling the complaint is in their best interests. If you fail to make head way dealing directly with the Contractor, a mediator is unilaterally assigned to your case, and both parties must pay a small fee ($100.) and begin a face-to-face negotiation, until the matter is settled. In many cases trust can be re-established between parties and a positive result, is more certain because the accusations and slanderous comments can be minimized and dealt with in complete privacy between all parties at a very ow cost instead of in the public. It's important to note that disparaging comments made in the heat of the moment are quickly forgotten emotions cool and moderation is the order of the day.

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