Front walkway - concrete sealing breaking down?

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Posted by: from Markham
10/10/2012 at 12:38:50 AM

Hi all,

I had my front walkway done by a local contractor a couple years ago. Last year I had a guy come back and re-seal it. Now after the winter it appears that the seal on top has deteriorated in various areas, causing a great deal of discoloration. These discoloration parts are not smooth like the rest of the concrete.

What are my options here? I'd like to have the color in these areas restored. Is this even possible? Do I have to get everything re-done?

All the best!


front walkway - concrete sealing breaking down?
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Ernesto from Renegade Floors in Calgary
Date/Time10/10/2012 at 11:58:51 AM

Hi James,

Usually water-based acrylics won't last more than 2 years if you asked for a 30% solids product If they use a 20% solids the life would be 6-12 months if extreme weather conditions.

This random spots could be a thin layer of sealer or just an announce that your sealer life is reaching the end. The purpose for the sealer is keep your concrete free of water, salts, chemicals and yes the wet nice and rich color.

Now there are some options for you if you wanna get patched those spots you can "is not the best", Get it sealed again make sure to use 30% solids water-based acrylic instead of the 20%, you can use a solvent-based acrylic(better) or go for the best product available now in the market: polyaspartic sealer for outdoors. We do this and it come with 7 years warranty.

This links may help you.

Good luck

Renegade Floors

Front walkway - concrete sealing breaking down?
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Date/Time10/10/2012 at 3:53:09 PM

Sadly this is a problem with stamped concrete. Very few pours have the colour through out.

Even if you apply sealers every time a section peels away. there will be discolouration left behind. Over time it will look patchy and concrete will crack and break up.

I know it is expensive, but my firm pours six inches of 3500 PSI, airated concrete with 1/2" re-bar run in a grid through out the pour. these are tied to 1/2" rebar running up from 4' deep sono tubes that are drilled and installed every six feet, in every direction. We then leave a rough surface. And when dry install either random or square rectangular cut natural stone. These stones are available in a veriety of colours and finishes. Again, its far more than stamped concrete. But this is a product that will still look magnificent in twenty years. And all it needs is a quick application of stone impregnator every few years to keep the richness in the colour of the stone chosen.

But back to your problem, I am afraid all you can do is see if the contractor can provide you will some of the material he used to wash the finish onto the cement. Then seal the area. And do this continually as these spots appear.

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Dorn in Chicago, Il
Date/Time6/12/2014 at 2:39:40 PM

Hi James,

There are two general methods for stripping sealers: chemical and mechanical. Chemical strippers utilize chemicals to break down the polymer structure of a sealer. They permanently destroy the sealer, typically turning it into sludge.

Mechanical removal of sealers involves using equipment to grind or blast off the sealer. Shotblasting, bead blasting, scarifying and grinding are common mechanical methods for sealer removal.

The important thing when using mechanical means to remove sealers is to avoid damaging the substrate below. This is where you should use softer shot or beads, like finely ground corn husks or seed hulls.

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