How can I find the hardwood floor piece to replace damaged part?

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Posted by: from Toronto
2/20/2011 at 2:41:19 AM


As attached pictures, small part of the floor warped by water damage.

I don't want to replace the whole floor.

I hope to replace this damaged part only or as small part as possible.

I don't know anything about the hardwood floor.

What I have to check to find the suitable piece?

What I can think now is similar color, thickness(1/2).

What else do I need to know?

I have no idea what is the prefinished, unfinished, sanded or laminate.

I don't care anything if I can fix it flat and the color is simillar.

how can i find the hardwood floor piece to replace damaged part?
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Ron from Jaykob Isaak Inc in London
Date/Time2/21/2011 at 12:12:55 AM

It looks like simple oak flooring and the piece that broke couldn't be in a better spot to have to replace than you have. just carefully take out the piece and take in to any flooring store ( a Real flooring store not Home Depot) they will most likely give you a piece to match what you have from open boxes or sample pieces

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Date/Time2/21/2011 at 9:45:09 PM

Hi Stewart here of Sct ph# is 416-295-0906 i can replace the damaged planks for you if you want? or if you want to do it yourself heres what to do= remove damaged planks, then establish the thickness and type of flooring,then shop around for the type of flooring you need-if you cannot find an exact match in the instance of it being a hardwood flooring-find out the manufacturers name and they will usually have a stain that matches-then replace with an unstained hardwood piece and stain to match.

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Date/Time2/22/2011 at 7:04:39 PM


I am Jim from D&J Hardwood Installations, the easiest way to repair that piece is to get an unfinished piece of hardwood, the same size as the floor that is in place and stain it to match the exixting flooring. I also noticed that you are butting up to tile and usually you will find a marble threshhold between hardwood and tile. You can get a piece of marble threshold for very cheap at home depot and put it in with some floor set. Jim

416 873-6975

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Enrico from Olivo Contracting in Toronto
Date/Time3/4/2011 at 2:14:53 AM


This is an easy fix, however, please note that if the water damage was a flood or overflow that reached underneath most or all of the hardwood floor, the best way is to rip out then redo. I know it'll cost a lot but it's the proper way and if anyone advices you otherwise, please don't listen.

If not, and this is only an isolated area or the water was only concentrated in that specific area then replacing it is as easy as the other people have suggested.

Good luck.

Enrico Olivo

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