Humidity stains in bathroom, who can tell me if I should worry?

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Posted by: from Vancouver
10/8/2011 at 2:12:26 PM

Bought a place 3 months ago, building in 25 years old

But the unit had been completely remodeled. Because of the age of the building,

I was afraid of leaky condo, no rainscreen here.

There is 1 unit above me. I notice some half circle humidity

Stains appearing at the intersection between wall and ceiling above the bathtub.

I can not remove the stains by washing. How come, who should I call to fix it, could it b

Fixed easy, or should I check behind bathroom ceiling to ensure everything is dry?

I have to change my towels every other day as they smell like mold very quickly.

Contractors don't want to come, too small job, who can help?

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Date/Time10/10/2011 at 2:35:34 AM

Humidity is always a problem . . . unless you can get rid of it. Is there a proper bathroom fan venting to the outside? If not, that would be my first step - make sure that the fan is powerful enough for the room size and that it vents to the outside. A contractor or handyman should be willing to install a fan for you. Not a big project but not really small either.

If there is no fan, but you have a window, keep it open during and after your bath/shower.

I hope this helps!

Brett Barager, MSW, CHI

Lone-Wolf Contracting

(A Division of Lone-Wolf Enterprises)


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Date/Time10/10/2011 at 2:11:00 PM

Hi Stwart here of Sct floorcoverings.The first step is to rip out all moldy and water damaged materials from the bathroom.then check for leaks in the plumbing,then check for weather leaks from outside.When replacing with new materials-use products that contain sand i.e, cement board instead of drywall. ( Mold does not like Sand) Make sure the bathroom is well ventilated-Leave the door open to let out steam from the shower-if their is a window open it often.Have a cieling fan installed-make sure that the fan is vented to the exterior.Best regards,Stewart-Sct floorcoverings,mississauga ontario 416-295-0906

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Date/Time10/13/2011 at 12:46:45 AM

Hi Sandrine,

Unfortunately, it looks like it could be from above you, either being the unit above you or some plumbing. Either way it has to be removed and the problem has to be addressed.

You can't clean it as it will just keep coming back. Look into it before the problem gets worse.

In the meantime, open up a window in the bathroom or turn on a fan.

A General Contractor who handles bathroom renovations would be the best person to call. He'll need to contact his plumber for assistance with the water lines if needed.

Hope this helps,

Bill Clawsie

Clawsie Contracting


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